What Are Hawks Afraid Of? [Which Animals Prey on Hawks?]

what are hawks afraid of

Hawks are magnificent birds of prey known as raptors. But, what are hawks afraid of? Contrary to what you may believe, hawks do have predators and will avoid contact with these whenever possible. These predators include owls, eagles and crows. They also include raccoons and snakes. Plus, other larger hawks may also prey on smaller ones.

Let’s look at each of these predators in more detail and then we’ll discuss some ways to keep hawks away from your garden and your bird feeders.

Owls Will Prey On Hawks At Night

As you’re probably aware, owls are nocturnal. This means that they come out at night to hunt and feed. Some owls can grow quite large and are very adept hunters. They can easily outgrow the size of a hawk.

It’s even been noted that owls will knock hawks out of their nests at night. Therefore, hawks prefer to stay away from owls rather than confront them.

Eagles Are The Rulers Of The Sky

Eagles are also magnificent birds of prey. They are far larger than hawks and are very efficient hunters. An eagle will feed on a hawk if it comes into contact with the smaller raptor.

Hawks are very aware of the might of the eagle. Therefore, they will hide under trees to stay well away from these larger birds of prey.

Crows Will Attack As A Mob

This may well surprise you. Crows are around the same size as hawks but they usually hang around in groups as opposed to hawks who are generally lone flyers in the sky.

In numbers, a flock of crows can easily overpower a solitary hawk. It’s not usual for crows to actually feed on hawks but their noise will certainly scare a hawk away.

Snakes And Raccoons Will Eat The Hawk’s Eggs

Even though it’s common for hawks to prey on snakes and raccoons, these also pose a danger to the hawk’s nesting site. Both raccoons and snakes will raid a hawk’s nest and feast on the eggs or even the young hatchlings.

Wolves are another predator that hawks need to be aware of. A hungry wolf can easily pounce on a hawk that comes too close to the ground.

Other Hawks Are Also A Danger

Hawks are quite territorial and, therefore, can come into conflict with other hawks that invade their territory. They are fierce fighters and if one bird kills the other, it will feed on the remains.

How To Scare Hawks Away From Your Garden

Remember that hawks are a protected species in the US so it’s important not to harm them in any way. However, there may be a variety of reasons why you want to keep hawks away from your garden.

If you have bird feeders, the birds that feed from them may be easy prey for a hawk that’s circling overhead. Plus, hawks are quite intelligent and have excellent memories. Therefore, once they know that they can find an easy feed in your yard, they’ll keep coming back.

Hawks are also quite fond of chickens and the rodents that these birds might attract due to the feed that you put out for them. Therefore, if you keep chickens, especially free range, you’ll want to put in place some measures to deter hawks from your yard.

If hungry, a hawk may also attack small pets such as rabbits, cats and very small dogs. Therefore, if you have small pets and there’s a hawk hanging around, you might want to take some steps to protect your animals.

Hawk Deterrents Can Be Very Effective

Remember that hawks will keep away from owls, eagles and crows. Therefore, if you place some stone statues of any of these around your yard, you’ll be successful in keeping the hawks away.

In fact, large owl statues have been used very successfully for just this purpose. There’s just one thing you have to remember. You have to move the statue around every couple of days. This is because hawks are very intelligent and will soon wake up to the fact that the owl hasn’t moved and, therefore, doesn’t pose a threat.

Keeping Hawks Away From Your Bird Feeders

If you have a number of bird feeders in your yard, the birds that come to feed from them may be easy prey for any hawk that can spot them from above.

Remember that hawks have very keen eyesight and can spot their prey from high in the sky while they’re circling above your yard. One of the most effective things you can do to protect the birds that visit your feeder is to obscure the hawk’s view. If the hawk can’t see the birds, he or she won’t be able to prey on them.

Therefore, consider placing your feeders under the cover of bushes and overhead trees. This will essentially block the ability of the hawk to see them from above. It will also provide adequate hiding spaces for the smaller birds if a hawk does come too close.

Another thing you can easily do is encase your feeders in wire cages. These will provide enough space for smaller birds to get through to access the feed but it will discourage any hawk from getting at the birds.

Also, ensure that the ground under your feeder is not a collection place for discarded seed as this will then encourage mice and other rodents. These small mammals are excellent prey for hawks and will encourage the hawk to come back continuously for an easy feed.

Keeping Hawks Away From Chickens

There are a number of things you can do to discourage hawks from stealing your chickens. The first thing, especially if your chickens are free range, is to provide them with plenty of cover from above. Therefore, place your coop under or near bushes, shrubs or overhanging trees. Once again, this obscures the hawk’s view and will keep your chickens hidden.

Another thing to consider is to get a rooster. Roosters are very protective of their hens and are certainly a match for any hawk. They will keep a watchful eye on the brood and scare away any hawks that dare to come too close.

You could also consider getting a guard dog. There are a number of dog breeds that are very effective at guarding livestock. Make sure you select a breed that gets along happily with chickens and remember to let the dog out on guard duty at different times of the day.

As mentioned previously, hawks are highly intelligent and will soon figure out if there are specific times of the day when the chickens are unguarded.

You can also consider covering your coop with deer netting. This is more of a visual deterrent for the hawks and they will generally just keep away from it.

Hawks Are An Important Member Of Any Local Ecosystem

Remember that hawks are a protected species and that they’re an important member of the ecosystem. They help to control rodents and other pests whose populations might otherwise go unchecked.

Therefore, if you have a hawk hanging around and it’s not causing any problems for your own animals or other visiting birds, leave it alone. These intelligent raptors deserve a place in the areas we live and serve an important purpose.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Are hawks afraid of humans?

No, hawks are not afraid of humans. In fact, they might attack while nesting or when they’re hungry. But generally, they won’t attack unless provoked.

What animal can kill a hawk?

Hawks are birds and if on the ground, any predator animal that catches it, can kill it. In the air, large owls and eagles can kill a hawk.

Will hawks attack small dogs?

Large hawks can certainly attack and kill small pets such as cats and dogs, especially if they’re feeling threatened. However, it’s unlikely that they will carry small pets away.

What time of day do hawks hunt?

Most hawks will hunt for prey in the early morning or at dusk. They have extremely sharp eyesight that allows them to easily spot any prey during these times.

Final Thoughts

Now you know that hawks do indeed have predators. They’re most afraid of owls, eagles and even crows. Snakes and raccoons also pose a problem for any nesting hawks as they like to steal the eggs.

If you have bird feeders or keep chickens, there are measures that you can take to ensure that visiting birds and your chickens are protected from any hawks circling overhead.

Keep your feeders and chickens obscured from above and the hawk will never find them. You could also consider getting a large guard dog or even a protective rooster to scare the hawk away from coming too close.

And, because hawks are afraid of owls and eagles, consider some large statues that you can move around your garden. These are sure to keep any keen hawk away.

Do you have hawks in your area? Have you found successful ways to keep them out of your garden? Please feel free to share you stories with us in the comments below.

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