Best Oriole Feeder: Our 10 Favourites!

best oriole feeder

The first question that comes to mind when we talk about oriole feeders is, what are Orioles? Obviously, they are birds, but what kind of birds are they? Well, here is a quick background.

Orioles are a group of birds which can be divided into two types – new world orioles and old world orioles. Both groups have more than 30 different species each and are indigenous to North and South America (new world orioles) as well as Africa, Europe, Asia, and Australia (old world orioles).

They are usually a combination of black and bright yellow in color depending on the species, but some specimens can even be found to be orange, red or green mixed with black or just plain. They are also small typically reaching from 15cm to 24cm in size and weighing from 16g to 80g, again it depends on the species.

Bird-lovers would know if it’s an Oriole if they spotted one and giving the fact that these little birds are so cute and lovable it’s not a surprise that they are kept as pets or are lured by feeders so they can be admired close-up.

There are many different ways to attract them but getting an oriole feeder is by far the best way and also assures that the birds have something to eat and will enjoy coming to your home to have a nice little treat. Oriole feeders aren’t too expensive so buying one won’t make a huge hole in your bank account and also they are cheap to maintain, only expense being the price of jelly, nectar or other sorts of food.

Now let’s see how to keep these little critters well fed and dined, as you would be shocked how many products are there on the market for giving them special treatment and a well-deserved home.

What to look for when buying an Oriole Feeder

Choosing the right oriole feeder isn’t as easy as it seems and knowing what types of feeders are on the market will help you make the right decision. These are some factors you should have in mind when you decide to buy your very own feeder:

  • Species – As we said before there are various types of orioles and their bill size and size, in general, should be taken into consideration when purchasing a feeder.
  • Diet – We talked a lot about their diet also and this is the key factor of not only attracting the birds but also keeping them healthy so knowing what type of food they eat will help you determine whether to buy nectar, jelly or a dish feeder.
  • Glass or plastic – This is just personal preference, some feeders have both plastic and glass parts, but when we talk about the nectar or jelly container itself the glass one is easier to clean but can break if it falls so take care of your feeders as well as the birds.
  • Maintenance – Oriole feeders are usually low-maintenance and don’t require much work for setting them up or cleaning them, most of the parts are washable in a dish-washer or you can wash them by hand.
  • Color – This will sound silly but Orioles are attracted to the color orange and most of the feeders are this color if you can’t find an orange one don’t worry because the Orioles will be attracted to the orange jelly or orange slices.

Our 10 Best Oriole Bird Feeders

1. First Nature 3088 32-ounce Oriole Feeder (2 Pack)

Making your own oriole feeder is something truly remarkable. However, if you don’t have time or ideas at the moment, this First Nature 3088 – 32 – ounce Oriole Feeder could be just the thing for you to start with.

Since Orioles are attracted to anything that is orange, this feeder would be the perfect and most brilliant thing that will attract your beloved birds to the yard.

Unlike some other feeders, this one can feed both small and bigger birds. Moreover, it does not attract the bees that may scare off the birds. The holes on the feeder are big enough for the birds to drink for it, but still small enough not to let the bees get inside.

Pros and highlights

  • Capacity – This feeder has a capacity of 32 ounces nectar so you’ll feed your birds without having to worry if any of them remained thirsty or hungry.
  • Design – While it’s familiar that hummingbirds and oriole are attracted to colors, this feeder is not only designed to look stunning, but it’s also colored in bright orange to attract them! It will be beautiful both for you and birds at the same time.
  • Light – With this feeder, you won’t have to worry about the overloading of the branch. Your feeder, along with the birds, will be safe.

Cons and potential flaws

  • Washing – Unfortunately, this feeder can’t fit any dishwasher so it has to be washed manually.
  • Two of them – When you buy this pack you get two feeders instead of one, so you might have more birds than you imagined in your backyard.

2. Heath Outdoor Products CF-133 Clementine Oriole Feeder

This feeder is a perfect thing for serving some new foods to your Orioles. It has a glass cup holder for grape jelly or nectar and can also feed two halves of big fruits to the birds, oranges for example.

The glass cup can easily be removed and cleaned, even n your washing machine. What’s more, wide opening on the cup makes for greater approach and easy refilling.

The feeder is painted orange that, as we very well know, attracts these little fellas to your backyard. Besides, the steel that the feeder is made of is coated with resistant and durable UV powder and will make the orange paint stay on the steel for ages, no matter the weather it is exposed to.

The simple but innovative design on the feeder offers a clear view of the birds that are coming to visit it and have a feast.

The hanging chain on the feeder makes it easy to move your feeder around when you need to. Since it is well known that bees like sweets too, it would be smart to move the feeder around once in a while so that they don’t get too accustomed to the place, or accidentally run into your feeder on their trip to visit the flowers.

Pros and highlights

  • Simple to use– The big advantage of this feeder is that it’s very simple and easy to use and with zero efforts!
  • Gives a good view – You’ll be able to look at the birds directly, without anything on your way.
  • Combination of different foods – This feeder offers you a combination of jelly food and fruits at the same time to ensure that your birds will come back for another snack!

Cons and potential flaws

  • Low capacity feeder – This feeder has a limited number of birds that can feed on it at a given moment of time. Moreover, this feeder has little space for the food and not only birds.

3. Birds Choice 1009 Oriole-Fest Oriole Feeder, 12-Ounce, Orange


Now, if you are searching for a “multipractic” feeder, then this one might satisfy your needs. It has three possible ways to feed orioles – oranges, nectar, and jelly. This is a feeder with 4 feeding ports, which is more than enough.

Its red color is great for attracting orioles, as they are searching for something juicy or something that looks like a flower. It will attract not only orioles but catbirds, flickers, woodpeckers, etc. Use its spiked hanging rod to hang it anywhere you want.

Being easily portable, you can change its position every now and then in order to avoid gathering of nasty insects and their eating orioles’ food. Furthermore, this feeder has built- in ant traps that will protect the food from these boring insects that are common visitors of bird feeders.

It has a polycarbonate structure that guarantees the long-life of the feeder, no matter the weather condition it is exposed to. Moreover, you will get 2 suction cups as well.

Overall, this one belongs to an affordable price point category and definitely pays its value for the price. If you are just starting with your hobby and searching for the feeder, to begin with, this one might do the job just fine.

Pros and highlights:

  • A lot of feeding ports- Four feeding ports are more than enough to host a big number of Orioles and get you a magnificent sight in your backyard.
  • Rod can be attached anywhere- It’s highly important to be able to attach it anywhere you want, as you will probably need to change its place more often than you thought you would.
  • Great value- Affordable price point category, yet highly effective and of great value.
  • Polycarbonate structure- This directly affects the durability of your feeder. You don’t want to get something that will last for a couple of months and become useless afterward. Instead, this polycarbonate structure will ensure feeder’s longevity and ensure long life and a joyful view for years.

Cons and potential flaws:

  • None thus far

4. Songbird Essentials SE905 Ultimate Oriole Feeder (Set of 1)

Like every party has its party breaker, it is all the same with bird parties in your backyard. There is always something that can ruin the beautiful sight of these little birdies flying around your yard. In this case, those party breakers are ants. It is very well familiar that ants are attracted to any food, especially sweets.

Having this in mind, Songbird Essentials took care of this little but very important problem. There are some who would try to fix the problems with ants by poisoning their feeders or putting other dangerous substances and toxins around them. But Songbird Essentials took care of this problem and made this feeder unreachable and even repulsive for pests like ants!

This feeder is made to be useful and serve you and your birds for ages, but it is also made with a touch of modern design. It will fit any yard perfectly, no matter if there are little birds on it or not. This bird is a haven for birds, but it surely is a heavenly sight for humans as well.

This feeder is a 3-in-1 tool and it will keep different types of songbirds satisfied! You’ll be able to put jelly, fruits, and nectar in it all at the same time! In that way, you’ll be able to fulfill every bird’s need and keep your oriole feeder full at almost any time of the day!

Being big and wide, this feeder will be able to hold and feed many little Orioles at the same time and prove them a nice and rich feast. Besides, they will be able to stand and relax during their meal since this feeder has standing areas built in. These „standing points“ are made so that they resemble a branch and the birds will be in their natural position while they eat.

Pros and highlights

  • Simple and easy – While this feeder is both simple to use and maintain, you will be satisfied with how easy it is to set up and clean afterward!
  • Big capacity – While other feeders are small and can fit only one Oriole at a time, this feeder is large enough to fit several Orioles at once without any problems or risk that it will break!
  • Easy to refill – When the feeder is empty, you won’t have to disassemble it; simply refill it and the birds will continue coming! Its design lets you refill it quickly and easily.
  • Visible – Orioles will spot the feeder very fast because of its bright color and large size.

Cons and potential flaws

  • Frequent cleaning – While this one is very easy to clean, it requires frequent cleaning because of the sweet nectar that makes it sticky.

5. Perky-Pet 750 Deluxe Hand Painted Oriole Feeder, 24-Ounce Capacity

There is nothing in this world that Orioles love more than nice, fresh nectar. So seeing them while they enjoy their nectar is a beautiful sight for a bird lover’s eyes. Therefore, having a perfectly functional feeder that keeps the flow of the nectar nice and smooth is something that will surely bring these little creatures to your yard. This bird feeder is not only fully functional, but it’s beautifully designed and it brings joy to a viewer’s eyes too.

If you are a real oriole fan, you must have this Perky-Pet oriole feeder. Besides its breath-taking look, this bird feeder has an amazing capacity of 24 fl of nectar that is more than enough for several birds to get a nice, juicy refreshment!

This Perky-Pet Deluxe Oriole Feeder is made out of quality glass and covered with orange pictures. Not only that it looks good but it attracts Orioles with its beautiful colors that these birds just adore. Having in mind that this bird feeder is made out of glass, you can see a big number of opportunities it offers. For example, you will be able to see, at any moment, the amount of nectar that’s left and see whether it needs a refill or not. Another great thing to know about the glass construction is that it’s resistance to ants because they can’t climb the glass. Moreover, bees will only get a sip on the nectar because they won’t be able to fit through the small openings.

Even if this is a casual, mid-ranged feeder (according to the price), we dare to say that it belongs to the high-ranged category when it comes to its quality and service. The only little flaw of this feeder is that it has spots that are a bit harder to clean than others because glass can’t bend and let you clean the little holes.

Pros and highlights

  • Capacity – This deluxe bird feeder is able to store 24 oz of nectar which is enough for three birds at a time, and you’ll still have „leftovers“ for another round.
  • Decorative – Not only that its design is breath-taking, but the stickers on it are a full score too! They make this bird feeder even more beautiful and eye-catching.
  • Gem cut glass – This glass is cut to be both decorative (elegant) and useful! Much more nectar can be poured in it than what it seems at the first sight.

Cons and potential flaws

  • Cleaning – This bird feeder has hard-to-reach spots which make cleaning a bit difficult.
  • One purpose – You’ll only be able to feed Orioles with nectar because there are no slots for actual food on this feeder.

6. Songbird Essentials SEBCO212 Jelly/Jam Fliteline Oriole Feeder

Jam feeders are enjoyable to keep up and amusing to use. But finding the correct one that is certain to attract Orioles isn’t as simple as it sounds.

Of course, it is considered that this bird feeder is easy to use and very efficient. Therefore, the Songbird Essentials SEBCO212 oriole feeder built a very simple approach that will practically let you feed the birds almost without moving a muscle. This glass jar will fit 10 oz, 12 oz or 14 oz jam, by your choice, and it’s immediately ready to feed Orioles which will be easily attracted to its orange blossom design.

This feeder is great to put near the window for a beautiful sight in the morning or during the day. With the replaceable jar you’ll just put in the full one and get the empty one out and that’s it, the birds will happily feast without interruption.

If you love birds but don’t know where to start, the Songbird Essentials SEBCO212 oriole feeder should be your first option as it’s great for beginners.

Pros and highlights

  • Big opening – Birds will be able to eat without any struggle from large openings that allow them to put their beak a bit deeper to get all the jelly they want.
  • Simple and easy – This bird feeder is simple to use as you only hang it on a tree with jelly inside, and it’s super easy to clean, just wash off jelly from the glass jar and it will be as good as new! Also, the jar is easily replaceable meaning that there are no complicated screwing and fixings that you need to take care of.

Cons and potential flaws

  • Size – Due to its large openings, some other creatures might steal a little bit of jelly.

7. Kettle Moraine Recycled Single Oriole Orange Fruit Stick Feeder

This one is an eco-friendly feeder as its construction is of recycled plastic. However, there are aluminum perches that will make this feeder lightweight and easily portable everywhere. There is a large open hanging hook that will enable you to attach this one to wherever you wish and consider appropriate.

The manufacturer even goes a step further with a lifetime warranty. That explains a lot about the quality of this feeder. Now, let’s learn something new about this feeder and its approach to a healthy Oriole’s diet.

A big question that every oriole lover asks himself – are Orioles going to visit me if I don’t give them jelly? The answer is, luckily, yes. The reason that they are very addicted to jelly is that it’s as sweet as the sugar is for humans. And sugar ain’t good, right? So, we must keep in mind their health as well. Fruit from time to time is a great replacement for jelly, yet very healthy and will keep them in your backyard!

Another bad thing about jelly is that it is half made out of sugar (50%!). This means that the birds will fly around feeling full-stomached but won’t actually bring nutrients in their system, which can cause the unwanted falls from great heights and hurt themselves or even die, due to low energy.

Jelly attract bees and therefore the bacteria come too. A lot of techniques are tried, some of them are toxins, but they are harmful to our Orioles too. Other techniques require additional equipment or more expensive feeders with the bee-protecting system but all of that interfere in your view and birds ability to eat from that feeder.

Why wouldn’t you just skip the jelly part then? A natural diet will keep the bees and bacteria away, and will only attract Orioles. And keeping Orioles in a good shape will bring you the best music to your ears that you could imagine.

The Kettle Moraine Recycle Single Oriole Orange Fruit Stick Feeder is a great choice if you are looking for a feeder that’s both practical and beautiful at the same time. This feeder allows you to place two oranges that will stick on it like with the glue, and you will have a nice stand for your birds so they’ll be able to eat without any struggle!

The best thing about this feeder is that you can’t decide from which angle comes the better view! The feeders come in bright colors and attract Orioles with ease. Hang it on and enjoy a beautiful view almost instantly.

Pros and highlights

  • Simple – This bird feeder is the definition of simplicity. It’s designed very simply, yet it attracts Orioles effectively. Also, it’s very easy to clean and maintain it considering that you only need to clear it with a cloth and put another piece of fruit.
  • View – This oriole feeder grants you the ability to look at it from all angles and have the beautiful sight, no matter where you’re standing, as those little birds will fly around like crazy.
  • Healthy – This oriole feeder doesn’t support unhealthy jelly so your birds will stay healthy and live longer!

Cons and potential flaws

  • Limit – This feeder can feed only two Orioles at a time, which may result in other Orioles passing by and not stopping.
  • Open fruit – The fruit will stand on open space and may rot if not eaten in a few days.

8. Birds Choice Flower Oriole Bird Feeder Small Orange

If bees, ants or any other insects are invading your bird feeder, you must put a lot of effort into fighting them off. There are more and more bird feeders out on the market that offer protection of unwanted insects, yet they are just being a fraud.

Getting the best bird feeder that fights insects can get very expensive. Therefore, you need a trusted bird feeder that fights off bees and is proven not only by the manufacturer but customers as well. If your bird feeder is invaded and your birds stopped coming, it is time for a change.

We think that the Birds Choice oriole bird feeder is the best solution for happy birds and happy user. It has a plastic cup that allows you to put jelly inside, it owns two spots for oranges and a stand for Orioles so a few of them can feast at once! And with its sleek design it is sure that even without the birds, this oriole bird feeder will look great as a backyard decoration too.

There are 2 ways of how you can fight the insects and free your bird feeder. The first one is vegetable oil that you use to run around the edges of the jelly jaw (that’s where the bees will stand) and that way you’ll keep the bees away by not letting them stand on a slippery surface (and you won’t hurt anyone).

The other solution is feeding your Orioles with mealworms. Even if this solution is nasty to us, humans, the birds can benefit from eating mealworms and won’t stay empty-stomach! Or, you can try one of the products on the market for fighting bees off, not only from the feeder but from your whole yard.

Pros and highlights

  • Great design – The design of this feeder is elegant enough to fit in a classy home, yet simple enough to look beautiful with only a few details and low decoration.
  • Easy to maintain – While other Orioles feeders are a nightmare to clean, this feeder is a piece of cake! Put it under water, mop it a little, and it’s as good as new for another round of feasting!
  • Bright color – As you know, Orioles are attracted to orange color, that’s why this feeder is colored in bright orange to attract and keep them.
  • Healthy food – Not only jelly is supported, but you’ll be able to give your birds 100% healthy food with the ability to put two halves of oranges on your feeder with the jelly in the middle.

Cons and potential flaws

  • Lightweight (in some strange way can be bad) – While this feeder can bare with several Orioles on it at the same time, it cannot bear very strong winds that might tilt it off the tree.

9. More Birds 815562016105 61 Classic Brands Oriole Vintage Feeder, 20-Ounce, Burnt Pe, 22 Ounces, Green

Four bolstering ports, four jam containers and a spiked hanging bar for piercing orange parts attract Orioles like no other feeder. Holds 24 oz of nectar.

This bird feeder incorporates 2 suction containers and holds 1 quart of nectar, 4 orange parts, and fourfold the amount of jam as other nectar/jam combo feeders. This feeder is simple to fill and highly simple to clean.

Including a vintage-look glass bottle and consumed penny base, the Oriole Vintage feeder will be an excellent expansion to any garden or yard. Complicated diamond cut glass nectar store is included for a modern look.

The special jam stirrer at the base of the plastic plate controls the dose of jam that will be apportioned so you can truly check how much nourishment ought to be given. When the jams are out, the Orioles can tidy up the plate base and make sure that there’s nothing left for the honey bees to eat, so they realize that they have to search for nourishment somewhere else.

Pros and highlights

  • Easy to maintain – While this Oriole feeder is very easy to use, it’s also easy to clean and replace the food. You’ll just love how easily you’ll be able to feed your birds, almost effortlessly.
  • Design – The design of this feeder is like nothing you’ve seen before, with flowers and diamond cut glass, this feeder is a true piece of art!
  • Jar size – You won’t have to measure the amount of jelly that will be put in the jar because this jar fits the standard-sized jelly jar from the grocery store.

Cons and potential flaws

  • Overheating during hot summer days – During very hot summer days, this feeder can get a little bit hotter so you might need to move it in the shadow area for birds safety.

10. Backyard Boys Woodworking GS71O 4 Place Oriole Feeder, Orange


Whatever feeder you place up in your yard, bear in mind that you may need to hold up a few days or weeks for the Orioles to discover it, and find their way to it. In all actuality, regardless of whether the food they have seen in your feeder, they may not come immediately. These excellent flyers are so meticulous that they will round your region multiple times before they choose to get a snack. Be that as it may, when they are in, at that point you can take some rest and appreciate the sight.

With this feeder, you won’t have such problem. While it looks like a birdhouse and can serve that purpose as well- to hide them from rain for example; this feeder is eye-catching and its design is attractive to birds, so they’ll come as quickly as they see it in your yard.

But let’s put the birdhouse on the side. This feeder has four jars for delicious jelly and therefore can hold up to four Orioles at once! And, if Orioles had enough of jelly, you can serve them with oranges, they’ll love it!

You won’t have to worry about ants or bees because this wooden-like feeder won’t let them come anywhere near. You can eventually cover the feeder with vegetable oil to prevent them from standing on it if you want to make sure that the feeder is insect-free. This, however, won’t affect birds and they’ll be able to stay and feast normally.

We all know how hard it is to find a perfect fit for your backyard, as it’s hard to fit the appearance of some feeders to your own yard. That’s why Backyard Boys Woodworking GS71O 4 Place Oriole Feeder is a perfect solution for design problems! It looks beautiful even without the birds, and when the birds come, it is a pleasure for your eyes!

Considering that this feeder is made of plastic and has removable jars it is very easy to clean and maintain. Jars are easily washable and you can remove them and put back with just one move! And don’t worry, the birds won’t be able to get them out so your feeder is perfectly safe.

Pros and highlights

  • A lot of space – While other feeders have only two to three places where Orioles can stand and eat, this amazing oriole feeder owns four of them! You’ll enjoy the view and the sound of four Orioles eating and singing in your backyard!
  • Design – This feeder is made to look like a birdhouse which makes it a perfect decoration to your backyard.

Cons and potential flaws

  • A bit bulky – Considering its size, you might need a bigger branch that can bear its heavier weight.

What is an Oriole Feeder?

An oriole feeder isn’t your typical bird feeder, to say the least; it is specially made to satisfy an oriole’s diet which includes:

  • Insects, wasps, and mealworms.
  • Nectar – commercial mixes or home-made (sugar and water).
  • Flowers and flower pieces; bud for example.
  • Fruits (oranges, apples, bananas, peaches, and berries).
  • Bread and other kitchen scraps (rice, cereal, oats etc.)
  • Suet mixed with some bits of fruit, berries, or peanut butter.
  • Jelly – grape jelly and orange marmalade (they have a sweet-tooth).
  • Peas – fresh, frozen or dried (they don’t mind).

Oriole feeders are usually designed to hold nectar and are clear so you can monitor the nectar level. The nectar container of an oriole feeder is usually made of glass or plastic, but the glass ones are more durable and easier to clean as the nectar is quite sticky.

The feeders often have orange-colored designs or some orange coloring to attract the Orioles; the nectar is also normally orange or clear with a citrus flavoring.

Which Oriole species prefers which food does vary, but a mixture of these foods can bring orioles to your feeder easily. Specialized oriole bird feeders are designed only for the foods orioles eat, and also to attract them to their meal without competing with other birds.

Nectar feeders with wider ports for large bills and perches are popular, as are small dishes for offering jelly or mealworms. Some feeders have spikes to securely hold orange or apple halves, and many feeders are designed to incorporate all three: nectar reservoirs, jelly dishes, and fruit spikes.

Chunks and wedges of fruit can also be placed in a platform, cage, or tray feeders, and jelly can be offered in a small dish or even directly from the jar.

There is a wide variety of oriole feeders and some are made specifically for a certain species of Orioles but you can use almost any type if it meets the needs of your oriole or if you want to attract them. More on the types of oriole feeders are up next, but for now, keep in mind everything that was said about their diet and how the feeders are designed.

Types of Oriole Feeders

Depending on the diet of your Orioles or which species you want to attract, there are two types of oriole feeders:

Fruit – Fruit feeders are called dishes because they are designed as little plates (with or without gaps) to put small pieces of fruit for the Orioles to eat and are leak-proof in order for the fruit to be kept fresh and the dish mess-free.

Nectar – Nectar feeders hold a simple homemade sugar and water solution or a commercial nectar mixture. This type of oriole feeder is a popular choice that features large ports to make room for large bills, and oversized perches that offer space for the Orioles to sit and dine. Some may even feature spaces to put orange slices or some other type of fruit.

Jelly – Standard jelly feeders come with a small dish and perch for the Orioles to sit on making it easier for them to eat the jelly. Some come with the inverted jelly jar which ensures the jelly stays fresh and dry. Since jelly can clump up and be sticky, the jelly stirrer inside the jar dispenses the perfect amount of jelly into the tray every time.

On the other hand, depending on the design of the feeder there are four types of on the market that are available and all are made with different features to best match the needs of these little birds. The first two in this list are made for nectar, while the other two are self-explanatory:

1. Bottom Fill

  • Traditional – These are classic oriole feeders, nothing special to them, they fill from a small opening at the bottom of the nectar container. This type is most common in the market.
  • Reverse Funnel Cap – This is a slightly changed variation of the traditional oriole feeder with the option of reversing and using the cap as a funnel when pouring in the nectar. This saves time by filling the feeder and is a lot less messy.

2. Top Fill

  • Top Fill oriole feeders don’t need to be turned upright like a traditional style feeder, creating a smaller chance of spilling nectar and saving you the time of cleaning up the mess. They have a wide-mouth top which makes pouring the nectar in much easier and effortless.

3. Jelly

  • Open-jar – These are standard jelly feeders, they include a jar with a wide-mouth top where you pour in the jelly and some are slightly tilted so the Orioles can get to the jelly easier. They come in all shapes and sizes and some even are designed to have you replace the jar with a normal jar of jelly so you don’t need to wash your old one right away.
  • Inverted – Similar to the top fill nectar feeders, these inverted jelly feeders hold the jar of jelly upside down and have a small opening where the jelly comes out. It is mess free and keeps the jelly fresh and dry, also having the option to be interchanged with most jelly jars and some even come with a jelly stirrer.

4. Dish

  • Fruit – As we mentioned before, fruit dishes are little plates that are used to place orange or apple slices for the Orioles to eat and they come in various shapes and forms. Some even are designed to hold half an orange in order to attract more birds so they can nibble it in the company of their little bird friends.
  • Jelly – Somewhat the same as the fruit dishes but they come with small cups to hold the jelly in. This is a great option if you don’t want to clean the mess of the normal jelly feeders.

Those are the basic types of oriole feeders but bear in mind that they can come in all kinds of combinations with two or three of these designs implemented into one feeder. Also, I want to mention that as for the insect and suet feeders goes, they aren’t any different from the standard bird feeders because they aren’t specifically made for Orioles and can be used for birds similar in size and diet.

Just in case you still need a little bit of convincing.. here’s an oriole feeding up close and personal!

Frequently Asked Questions

There are many different questions that come to mind when you want to buy an oriole feeder, so we decided to answer some of the more frequently asked questions:

  • What type of oriole eats what food? – As I said it depends, you have to explore and find out what species of orioles live in your region and find which food fits them the best, but my lucky guess is that most Orioles will be attracted by either nectar or jelly.
  • When to attract orioles? – You should set up your feeders in late March or early April to attract the first spring migrants, and keep the feeders out late into the fall for birds moving down from the north.
  • Will Orioles eat any kind of jelly? – Smooth grape jelly is the best, but Orioles will also eat orange marmalade or red cherry, strawberry, apple, or raspberry jams or jellies. They aren’t so picky when it comes to jelly I suppose.
  • What is the best oriole feeder? – If you are looking for the best oriole feeder you should opt to the one which combines more designs, for example, a jelly and dish feeder or a nectar and fruit one, but also the colorful outlines and drawings on the actual feeder can also help you attract them. All in all, it depends on the birds, not you, if they want to come they will come, if not then let them be free.

To Conclude

Taking into consideration all that was said previously will surely help you determine which oriole feeder to buy, how to attract the birds and how to maintain their health and treat them well. We all want just the best for our feathered little friends so they can fill just like in their natural habitat and well fed.

Getting to know more about a specific species of oriole will also help you understand more about their needs, their way of life, when they migrate, how to get them to come to your bird feeder and if you want to keep them as pets how to treat them and give these lovable birds a place they can call home. Or as always, if you just want to get a closer look at them and admire their beauty, getting the perfect oriole feeder will surely both benefit you and those small and adorable little birds we call Orioles.

I hope you will find the best oriole feeder that fits the needs of the Orioles in your region and that it will help you to get to know them a little bit better. We as bird-lovers should know how much of a relaxation it is to watch the birds nibble their treats knowing they are well taken care of.

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