red robin vs cardinal

Red Robin vs Cardinal: Learn The Differences

From a distance, it can be difficult to distinguish an American robin from a Northern Cardinal. They both have very similar colorings and their song is also quite similar. However, these birds are not related and there are various differences that you should be aware of to identify each bird […]

how do cardinals use glucose to survive

How Do Cardinals Use Glucose to Survive?

Cardinals use glucose as stored energy. During cellular respiration, they use up the energy inside the glucose to stay active and warm. Carbohydrates are an important part of Northern Cardinal’s diet. Glucose, a simple sugar, is especially important in the winter. Read on to learn more about how cardinals need […]

why do cardinals come out in the snow

Why Do Cardinals Come Out in the Snow?

The Northern Cardinal is a non-migratory bird which means they do not move to warmer climates in fall and winter. During the cold weather, cardinals tend to flock together to defend the food sources in the area and might even roost together at night for extra warmth. The bright red […]

where do cardinals nest

Where Do Cardinals Nest? [Nesting Habits & Facts]

Northern cardinals like to nest in lower but thickly covered foliage, often in saplings and shrubbery such as dogwood, spruce and blackberry brambles. The nest generally sits in a fork of branches or vines, anywhere between 1-15 feet from the ground. As a relatively common North American bird, you have […]

are cardinals territorial

Are Cardinals Territorial?

To look at, you wouldn’t think it was true. That the lovable and cute looking northern cardinal would be anything but friendly. Surely Angry Birds, which features the character Red, an angry northern cardinal, is exaggerating or has flat-out got it completely wrong. It’s the only real explanation. Northern cardinals […]