owls omnivore

Are Owls Omnivores? [The Mysteries of Nightly Nibbles]

Owls are known for their nocturnal nature and piercing gaze, but when it comes to their diet, most people wonder whether they’re omnivores or carnivores. So, are owls truly omnivores? Yes, owls can be occasional omnivores. They eat plant-based food, especially fruits, when an opportunity presents itself. However, owls are […]

owl eggs

Cracking the Enigma of Owl Eggs [From Nest to Hatchling]

Owls are mysterious creatures, and their eggs are no exception! From their unique physical traits to their remarkable size, these eggs are one of nature’s mysteries. With all the glory and superstitions surrounding owl eggs, birdwatching enthusiasts and nature lovers are always curious about this marvel. So, this article will […]

owls eat rabbits

D​o Owls Eat Rabbits? [Yes, and Here’s Why]

You’ve recently started dating someone and you’re looking to impress them. You fancy yourself a bit of a connoisseur of fun facts, so you take them to your local coffee shop’s weekly trivia night. You’re confident, your self-proclaimed nickname is “the Michael Jordan of trivia competitions.” Your date is going […]

owl legs

Owl Legs: All Your Questions Answered

Let’s talk about owl legs. Owls are magnificent birds of prey with excellent eyesight that allows them to see in the dark when they hunt and forage for food. Much has been written about the habits of owls, their amazing eyesight, their hunting prowess and, of course, their gorgeous appearance. […]