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mythical birds

The World of Mythical Birds [Exploring the Wings of Fantasy]

Mythical birds are feathered creatures that exist in folklore and mythology, often embodying fantastical abilities, symbolism, and significance.  Throughout history, the tales of mythical birds have been passed from generation to generation, captivating and intriguing the minds of many. From the Phoenix of the ancient Greeks to the Roc of Arabia, […]

sparrows mate for life

Do Sparrows Mate for Life? [A Love Story in Flight]

Most bird lovers are always curious about the romantic relationships of sparrows. Do they stay together for life, or are they serial monogamists?  There’s complexity behind the relationships between sparrows, but it appears these birds mate for life. Most sparrows don’t switch mates unless the partner is killed or injured. […]

what do ravens eat

What Do Ravens Eat? [Feasting Habits Beyond Worms and Insects]

Ravens are fascinating birds with mysterious behavior and characteristics. Their diet is the most intriguing aspect, which is incredibly diverse and varied. Unlike most birds that stick to one diet, ravens are omnivores and opportunistic eaters, consuming everything from small mammals to carrion, berries, and trash.  Whether you’re bird watching […]