7 Best Bird Feeders for Cardinals [2022 Reviews & Guide]

best bird feeder for cardinals

One of the fussier birds, the unique build of a cardinal’s body and beak means they require not just a specific food, but more importantly, a specifically designed feeder, more often than not, a red feeder, the best bird feeder for cardinals!

The more shy and rare of feathered friends, enticing cardinals may mean designing your current feeding station to fit in line with their unique requirements.

However, if you can make your feeding stations as cardinal friendly as possible, these stunning little birds will be sure to return to them regularly.

Here we consider no less than seven of the best bird feeders for cardinals currently available for purchase from Amazon. We also provide you with a short but helpful buying guide about such feeders, alongside answering the most common questions asked about such products.

The Best Cardinal Bird Feeders

1. The Perky-Pet Cardinal Bird Feeder, in Red

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An Amazon choice and thoroughly neat looking red cardinal bird feeder, the Perky-Pet cardinal bird feeder offers a fantastic unique design alongside a striking red finish.

Designed to increase your chances of cardinals, this is claimed to successfully attract and comfortably hold cardinals.

Boasting a capacity to hold up to 2.5 Ibs of food, this has a circular perch and mesh surface design which ensures it offers an adequately sized feeding area, thus accommodating up to 15 cardinals in one go.

A durable and sturdy feeder, this is finished in zinc plating and prevents rusting.

Complete with a large overhang, the feeder ensures added shelter and shade for your visitors. It also has built-in drain holes that work to keep water out of the reservoir, encouraging it to flow freely, thus airing out the seed quicker.

A low maintenance model, this is easy to fill and clean. With a hanging hook built-in, this can also be set up to use instantly.

Customers of the Perky-Pet cardinal feeder report many sightings of cardinals to the feeder, even when using this for the very first time!

2. The Brome Squirrel-Proof Bird Feeder, with Metal Perches   

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Another Amazon Choice product, the Brome squirrel buster bird feeder caters to cardinal through its inclusion of four metal perches.

Claimed to offer a lifetime guarantee, this is built to last and withstand those toughest of weather conditions.

A truly squirrel proof model, this works to automatically close the shroud whenever it senses the weight of a passing squirrel. Thus, it denies pests access to the 3/4 cups of birdseed that can be placed in it. This is also a chew proof feeder.

With an ability to hang it up without the need for using tools, there is a handy weight adjustable feature here that allows you to control the size of birds feeding.

By using a seed ventilation system, the seed is kept fresher for longer – thus attracting more birds.

Best of all, by attaching some specially designed metal perches, cardinals and other perching bird types can sit and feed comfortably for longer.

Customers of the Brome squirrel proof bird feeder find it hugely successful in keeping out unwanted visitors while offering the perfect perches for cardinals to use regularly, check out our in-depth look at the squirrel buster plus feeder.

3. The Brome Squirrel-Proof Bird Feeder, with Cardinal Ring

squirrel buster plus bird feeder cardinal

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For a feeder that is not only squirrel proof but ultimately designed to specifically attract cardinals, the Brome birdfeeder is a fantastic choice.

This is because of its inclusion of a cardinal ring and subsequent six feeding ports, ensuring that not only are cardinals attracted to the feeder, but they can also eat amongst other birds in the process.

With the ability to hold 5.1 pounds of seeds, this is a pole mountable bird feeder which benefits from squirrel proofing. So, when detecting the presence of squirrels, it will shut down to prevent them from accessing your bird’s food.

Giving you the option to control the weight of the birds feeding here, the seed ventilation system ensures that what your birds do consume is always fresh.

Utilizing a chew proof RoxResin in its construction, this is a slimline green model which is entirely cardinal friendly, but ultimately the more accessible feeder when it comes setting up, dissembling and cleaning.

Customers of the Brome bird feeder with cardinal ring claim how well the additional rung works in attracting cardinals, claiming they then use it regularly, it’s also incredibly easy to clean.

4. The Perky-Pet Squirrel Proof Country House Bird Feeder

perky pet 338 bird feeder

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Another fantastic Perky-Pet model, this is the Country House feeder with a weathervane, and perhaps one of the most beautiful features for any yard or back garden.

A practical feeder that can be pole-mounted or hung, this is also designed to keep out those pesky squirrels.

With filling made simple and a removable roof, that can also be locked, here you can add up to eight pounds worth of seed, attracting a wide variety of bird choice.

However, the smart design of a long perch, alongside four separate feeding sections, makes it most attractive to cardinals.

Employing the use of a fantastic weight-activated perch bar, the feeder will close instantly when a squirrel is detected while ensuring those smaller of birds can feed in peace accessing a variety of fresh seed type at their leisure.

Customers of the Perky-Pet Country House bird feeder mention this as a vast cardinal attraction with many reporting multiple sightings of more than one regularly feeding safely at this.

5. The Perky-Pet Panorama Copper Bird Feeder

perky pet copper panorama bird feeder

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Yet another Perky-Pet model listed here, this is the copper panorama bird feeder which is a visually attractive modern-looking feeder.

Providing birds with a tray-style feeding port, this also boasts a circular perch which allows visiting birds to feed from several angles.

With an ability to hold up to two pounds of birdseed, this is also designed to keep those pesky squirrels out.

Employing a sure lock cap technique, the lid is designed to stay in place throughout. Therefore, the seed remains fresh and for the birds only!

The stunning antique copper design not only looks excellent but ensures a finishing that resists rust.

Additionally, the feeder has built-in drain holes. This ensures water will not mount up in the reservoir.

With an overhang at the top which works to shield both the tray and the birds as they eat, cardinals find this the more comfortable of places to eat at as well as a safer choice.

Customers of the Perky-Pet panorama copper bird feeder love how well it attracts not just cardinals but many other bird types in abundance.

6. The Roamwild Cardinal Bird Feeder

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Roamwild’s bird feeder is a specific cardinal feeder and one that works to deter larger unwanted guests such as squirrels, chipmunks, and more significant bird types.

Both waterproof and weatherproof, it works hard to keep all the 3 Ibs of seed inside dry and fresh. It also ensures against seed clogging, which is often problematic in many bird feeders.

A simplistic tube feeder model, it can be quickly filled and set up, and then took down in an instant for easy cleaning.

Utilizing a thick polycarbonate material, this is considered a larger feeder – but one that is entirely cardinal friendly. This is primarily due to its two ideally located and perfectly balanced perches which cater to cardinals especially.

A rust-free model, this can be hung instantly using the robust stainless steel hanging wire attached. Best of all, near this wire, is a seed tube lid to prevent any squirrel attacks from above.

Customers of the Roamwild cardinal bird feeder claim this model can take a great deal of punishment from both predators and the elements, ensuring that cardinal are fully protected when they rest upon it.

7. The Droll Yankees Cardinal Platform Clear Bird Feeder

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For a cardinal feeder with a difference, our final review model here is a platform feeder from Droll Yankees.

This offers both a platform and clear cover and is successful in working to attract not just cardinals but a massive variety of other birds due to its fantastic design features.

This means orioles, mockingbirds, robins, and even woodpeckers may be just a few of the visitors you see more often on this feeder!

With a fully adjustable distance available between dome and feeder tray, the dome itself allows plentiful light and shelter while working to deter squirrels and other undesired birds. It’s also an excellent way to protect the seed again the elements.

The tray itself is the simplest to fill and indeed clean. With all hanging rods included here, this will typically hold three cups of seed and even pieces of fruit if you prefer.

Customers of the Droll Yankees cardinal bird feeder offer some great five-star reviews on its ability to attract flocks of cardinals to it every year. It’s also claimed to be highly effective at keeping the seed dry and indeed clean.

Buying Guide

Now you’ve had a chance to look at the reviews on some of the best cardinal bird feeders, you may have a better idea of which feeder would be the most suitable for your outdoor environment.

But before you make your final decision, why not take a quick look through our short buying guide?

Here we consider what to look out for when purchasing cardinal bird feeder models, along with answering a couple of commonly posed questions about these bird feeders.

What to Consider When Purchasing Bird Feeders for Cardinals

When considering the best bird feeder type for cardinals to happily land on and eat from, there are three areas worth looking at in more detail. These include:

1. Cardinals will only eat specific foods

Though this may make them seem fussy eaters, cardinal beaks are sharp and powerful and therefore allow them to open those thicker of seed husks. This means they are drawn towards foods such as sunflower seeds and safflower seeds, they really attract cardinals.

However whereas as sunflower seeds are a popular food with many other bird types, safflowers aren’t – so a mixture of these two seeds is the perfect combination for cardinals to feed on in relative peace.

Cardinal food blends can be bought online, or in-store and are ideal here as they cover all the essentials and are more cardinal friendly. Most packs will offer a ratio of 60 % sunflower and 40 % safflower seed.

Other food you can consider for cardinals include pieces of peanuts and cracked corn, as well as fresh berries and small shreds of suet.

2. Cardinals will only visit specific bird feeders

These feeders reviewed above are perfect solutions for cardinals as these birds are very particular about where they land and feed.

Though you may offer a cardinal’s favorite food, if it’s not in a dedicated cardinal feeder, you’ll not have much luck getting this bird type to continue visiting your feeders.

Cardinals love perches and rungs, requiring large comfortable places, or platforms or even trays to land on and feed on in peace.

Cardinals also feed by facing forward and therefore do not think much to having to twist their little bird body’s just to eat a meal!

Though many standard feeders may offer some perches, they’re usually too small and uncomfortable to accommodate cardinals.

3. Cardinals are the shyer of birds

Unfortunately, though they may be the more popular of birds, cardinals are notoriously shy. Hence when people do finally get them feeding on their bird stations, they understandably want to work hard at keeping them coming back.

This means creating an environment that is cardinal friendly. So, as well as purchasing a cardinal bird feeder, consider the possible places around your yard or garden that cardinals can hide in or take cover in. They will often use such places to ensure the immediate area around the feeder is safe, before attempting to land on it.

In addition to such areas, consider those cardinal feeders that offer a little bit of shelter, so they don’t feel entirely exposed and are safer from predators.

cardinal bird feeder


When should I fill a cardinal bird feeder?

Cardinals are well known for visiting feeders first thing in the morning and late at night. Therefore make sure their food is left out for them in the late evening time and very early morning time if you want to attract and keep them at your bird stations.

Should I leave out water for cardinals?

Just like any other bird type, cardinals need to drink regularly. So, where you can, consider offering them a fresh supply of water and a safe place to drink from, alongside a dedicated cardinal bird feeder. Anything that can encourage them to have a birdbath will also be a big draw for them, as well as a nearby small stream.

Why do my visiting cardinals keep feeding on the ground?

As well as specific cardinal bird feeders that are elevated off the floor, you’ll also find many cardinals enjoy feeding on the actual ground. This is merely because they too like looking for any fallen seed that lies beneath feeders. For this reason, some people like to throw an assortment of sunflowers or safflowers on the ground for cardinals to discover.

Our Final Thoughts

Cardinals are undeniably one of the most beautiful of birds in the bird world. Therefore for those that are lucky enough to have them visit their bird feeders, the experience is certainly one worth cherishing.

Though they may be the quieter type of bird, they are indeed the most vibrant and visually distinct of all birds that lend an element of fun to any feeder they land on.

So, if you can select the best bird feeder that is designed to accommodate these beautiful little birds, alongside providing the best possible environment around it, you too could soon be welcoming these visitors in record number to your yard or garden.


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