hummingbird eggs

Hummingbird Eggs [Everything You Need to Know]

Hummingbird eggs are a wonder of nature. These tiny eggs weigh less than one-fiftieth of an ounce and are easy to overlook, but they deserve our attention.  Hummingbirds are the smallest birds in the world, and their eggs are also the smallest bird eggs in the world. They are white […]

Hummingbirds in Illinois

6 Kinds of Hummingbirds in Illinois Sure To Charm You

Calling all Prairie State birdwatchers! Make ready your nectar feeders, enticing the fascinating types of hummingbirds in Illinois. While no breeds are year-round residents, two always visit seasonally, nesting in flowery meadows and woodlands. Meanwhile, keep your eyes peeled for the other types, known to make guest appearances. You’ll recognize […]