best oriole feeder

Best Oriole Feeder: Our 10 Favourites!

The first question that comes to mind when we talk about oriole feeders is, what are Orioles? Obviously, they are birds, but what kind of birds are they? Well, here is a quick background. Orioles are a group of birds which can be divided into two types – new world […]

can hummingbirds use oriole feeders

Can Hummingbirds Use Oriole Feeders?

The design of hummingbird feeders and oriole feeders is different but that doesn’t mean that these birds cannot use the feeders interchangeably. Hummingbirds are smaller than orioles so they will have no issue sticking their beak into the larger feeding holes of oriole feeders. Have you ever spotted a hummingbird […]

what should you feed orioles

What Should You Feed Orioles?

You can feed orioles many of the same foods as hummingbirds; nectar, fruit jelly, fresh juicy fruit and insects or mealworms. Orioles are also famous for loving the color orange so ripe oranges or other orange foods are a great way to attract orioles to your backyard. If you would […]

how to attract orioles

How To Attract Orioles: Our 7 Top Tips!

With their wonderful vibrant color, Orioles are a welcome addition to any garden. As with all birds there are ways to attract them and if you’re wondering how to attract orioles, our 7 top tips will help. If you prepare your garden early enough you can be set up ready […]