do hawks have good hearing

Do Hawks Have Good Hearing?

You’re obviously aware that hawks have exceptional eyesight because this allows them to spot their prey even when it’s a very long distance away. But, you might be wondering whether hawks also have good hearing. Hawks do actually hear very well. And, yes, they do have ears even though you […]

how do hawks kill their prey

How Do Hawks Kill Their Prey?

As we all know, hawks are excellent hunters and can spot their prey from high above the ground with their keen eyesight. But, have you ever wondered how a hawk kills its prey? Hawks and other accipitrids like eagles, will generally use their impressive talons to kill their prey. And […]

how long do hawks stay in one area

How Long Do Hawks Stay In One Area?

Hawks are generally creatures of habit and will hang around an area as long as there is ample food and conditions are favorable. Have you ever wondered how long hawks stay in one area? The answer to that questions depends widely on other variables such as the species of hawk […]