egrets in florida

Egrets in Florida [The 4 Common Species]

Egrets are large wading birds that are closely related to herons. They have long necks, legs and bills and short tails. You’ll find that egrets have s-shaped necks that can bend vertically. The male egrets usually have wispy, lace-like feathers especially during the breeding season. Have you ever wondered about […]

vultures in florida

Vultures in Florida [The 2 Species To Know About]

Vultures aren’t necessarily very attractive birds. However, they play an important ecological part to help keep our environment clean and free from diseases such as rabies and tuberculosis. The reason for this is that they feed on carrion or dead animals that other predators won’t touch. There are currently two […]

hummingbirds in florida

Hummingbirds in Florida [11 Amazing Species To See]

There is only one species of hummingbird that breeds in Florida, the ruby-throated hummingbird. However, because Florida has warm weather all year round and is fairly close to Mexico and the Caribbean, many species of hummingbirds will visit the state during the winter. The most common visiting hummingbird is the […]