Author: Torrie Reed

how to attract orioles

How To Attract Orioles: Our 7 Top Tips!

With their wonderful vibrant color, Orioles are a welcome addition to any garden. As with all birds there are ways to attract them and if you’re wondering how to attract orioles, our 7 top tips will help. If you prepare your garden early enough you can be set up ready […]

how big is a red tailed hawk

How Big Is A Red Tailed Hawk?

A red tailed hawk is a beautiful bird. In the wild you will find them all over America and they can grow to be large birds. Their bodies can be from 18 to 26 inches in length and their wingspan can be over 40 inches. The female tends to be […]

why do birds always peck on windows

Why Do Birds Always Peck On Windows?

If you’re enjoying a relaxing day it can be quite stressful seeing a bird attacking your windows and it’s not always easy to know what to do for the best. One of the main reasons why birds always peck on windows is because they can see their own reflection. Many […]