why are cardinals red

Why Are Cardinals Red?

Who doesn’t love northern cardinals? It’s a good thing that they are so popular because they are very common across the south and east of our country and are incredibly easy to identify and observe in the wild. Have you ever been sitting watching your cardinal bird feeder and wondered, […]

are there yellow cardinals

Are There Yellow Cardinals?

When reading the question posed above, any self-respecting birdwatcher may suggest that we were obviously having a silly moment when we came up with the title. Northern Cardinals are red, you are probably shouting at your computer screens. The only real Yellow Cardinal is not native to North America, so […]

do cardinal birds mate for life

Do Cardinal Birds Mate for Life?

It is likely that you are aware that many birds tend to mate for life. Sure, there are some that get involved in almost human-like things like cheating and divorce, but it is at a much lower rate than occurs in the human race. You probably could name a couple […]