Blue Jay Feeders: 2022’s 5 Best Feeders!

best blue jay bird feeder

Late spring is peak breeding season for blue jays and the best time to attract them to your yard. Place a blue jay bird feeder now and enjoy these beautifully blue birds in your backyard all summer.

Blue jays around bird feeders is a hot topic because they are not known for being good sharers. However, they are wonderful birds to admire because they really put on a show with their family bond.

I enjoy seeing blue birds and you feel the same joy with these 5 bird feeders that are excellent designs for blue jays.

Our Top 5 Best Blue Jay Bird Feeders

1. Squirrel Buster Plus Blue Jay Bird Feeder

squirrel buster plus

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Blue jays and squirrels are not friends but they do have similar tastes in foods. That is why you need a bird feeder that is squirrel-proof.

This applies to most bird feeders, actually. If you want the chance to admire more birds from your kitchen window then you need a bird feeder design that keeps away their enemies.

The feeding ports open depending on the weight on the ring. The weight it reacts to is adjustable but one thing is for sure, the heavier weight of a squirrel causes the ports to close up.

Jays like to perch when eating which makes this an excellent feeder. The description says that it has cardinal ring attachments but between you and me, this perching ring is just as comfortable for blue jays.

The feeder comes filled with safflower seeds which is a blue jay favorite. There are 6 feeding ports so the entire family can get their fill at the same time.

Key Features
  • Squirrel-proof closing mechanism
  • Adjustable feeding port opening
  • Accessories available for different birds
  • Access to Brome Bird News online show

2. Hanging Hopper Bird Feeder

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Some people complain that blue jays are a bit of a bully around bird feeders. Although this is true, it is perfectly possible to solve and enjoy a wide variety of birds in your backyard this summer.

What is the answer? Place several bird feeders in your yard and make one especially interesting to blue jays. They will flock around the feeder with their favorite foods in the favorite spot and most likely leave the other feeders to other bird species.

The hanging hopper is an excellent design for this tactic. The design is attractive to all kinds of birds but it is easily refilled with different kinds of seeds. It also affordable so you won’t break the bank by purchasing multiple.

To attract blue jays, fill a hanging hopper bird feeder with peanuts, black sunflower seeds, corn, acorns, suet and mealworms. Place it near shrubs that don’t get too much foot traffic. You can also attract them to a specific area with a small plate of berries and fruit.

Key Features
  • Large size, holds 2.5 lbs, which requires less refilling
  • Can hang on poles, trees and stakes or be placed on a flat surface
  • Durable weatherproof design that is easy to clean
  • 5 inches for space for several birds

3. Audubon Chalet Metal Hopper Bird Feeder

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Bird feeders can be beautiful and this audubon chalet design proves that. Made of metal with a durable powder coated blue and gray color, it is on brand for blue jays.

Not only is it fantastic to look at but it is also very practical. Hang it anywhere in your yard and easily refill it by opening up the roof at the top. It holds an impressive 4 lbs of seeds and nuts.

The bird house feeder comes fully assembled so there is no need for reading complicated instructions. The seeds come out at the edges just by the force of gravity, simple and straightforward.

Blue jays can perch all along its sides and there is plenty of space for a family. Just imagine their bright blue feathers against this backdrop.

Key Features
  • No assembly required
  • Easy refilling mechanism for up t 4 lbs of bird feed
  • Highly durable and strong metal material that doesn’t heat up in the sun
  • Ltop locks prevents squirrels from accessing the feed

4. Droll Yankees Yankee Whipper Bird Feeder

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If you are looking for a bird feeder that you can leave for several months without refilling then the Droll Yankees Yankee Whipper is the perfect choice for you. This vertical tube holds up to 5 lbs of feed but only 4 curved perches for birds.

The American-made design is high quality and durable. The tube is made of UV-stabilized polycarbonate which can withstand a whole lot of sunshine without any discoloration. This bird feeder will look just at the end of the breeding season as it did when you first bought it.

This is another weight-sensitive bird feeder, one of the best squirrel-proof mechanisms. Not only will it shut when it sense the weight of a squirrel but the design is also too large for squirrels to make away with.

The Yankee Whipper hangs by a stainless steel wire that is specially designed to minimize movement. This not only makes it more comfortable for blue birds to sit on but it also prevents seeds from spilling out.

Key Features
  • Squirrel-proof weight-sensitive design
  • Stable hanging wire to avoid losing seeds
  • Durable plastic tubing that does not face or melt in summer heat
  • Large capacity bird feeder for minimal refilling needs

5. Perky Pet Panorama Bird Feeder

perky pet blue jay feeder

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Admire the birds that come to your backyard from all angles with this panoramic bird feeder. A 360 degree perching ring and wrap-around feeding tray allows blue jays to gather around the bird feeder. This is perfect for social blue birds.

You can refill the bird feeder by opening up the top. But don’t worry, just because you can get in doesn’t mean that squirrels can do the same. It has a secure lock that keeps them out.

Made with a powder-coated finish, this blue jay bird feeder will keep its great rustic look for many years to come. It is both water-proof and weather-resistant so the seeds stay safe throughout the seasons.

This specific model only holds 2 lbs but there are larger versions available. Get the expanded design and create a multi-tiered bird feeder to attract even more blue jays.

Key Features
  • Powder-coated exterior for better durability
  • 360 degree perch and feeding tray
  • Water-proof design that prevents seeds from getting wet
  • Sure-lock cap that prevents squirrels from getting in

What Type of Feeder Do Blue Jays Like?

Blue jays perch when they feed so it is very important that you place a bird feeder with a perch. They are also very social creatures with a strong family bond so it is a good idea to pick a design with space for several birds.

These jays also prefer a platform or tray feeder, perhaps because this creates more space for their family, too. You may notice that this is the most relaxed that you will see them, indicated by their flat crest.

Avoid feeders that are simply nets filled with food since these don’t have any place for birds to perch. Blue jays also don’t like having to pick out their food. They like to have it ‘served’ to them on a ‘platter’.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How Do I Attract Blue Jays to My Feeder?

The best way to attract blue jays to your feeder is to fill it with some of their favorite foods. They love feasting on peanuts the most so fill up the feeder with these and they won’t want to leave.

Blue jays are prefer more sheltered spaces to feed. Place the bird feeder near bushes or in a tree and a little further away from pathways and windows.

What Kind of Food Attracts Blue Jays?

Peanuts, corn, acorns, black sunflower seeds and striped sunflower seeds are the favorite seeds and nuts of blue jays. They also like berries and certain fruits like apples but don’t feed them too many of these. They are a little too sugary.

During the breeding season, blue jays may have a greater appetite for protein-rich foods, especially the females. You can provide this to them in the form of suet or mealworms.

What Do Blue Jays Not Like to Eat?

Blue jays are omnivores and opportunistic eaters so there is very little that they won’t eat. One seed that they don’t seem to like, however, is nyjer thistle seeds. This is common dislike among jays.


Blue jay feeders are a great way to admire these birds in the spring and summer. Once they have found your feeder, they are likely to stay for the fall and winter seasons, too.

Hang bird feeders filled with peanuts, sunflower seeds and corn to attract these jays. Make sure the design features a perch and preferably a platform or tray feeder that fits their whole family. Place it near bushes where they can eat undisturbed and blue jays will keep coming back.

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