Author: James Morgan

woodpecker ultimate guide

Woodpeckers [The Ultimate Guide]

If you’ve ever seen a woodpecker then you’ll know that they have a very appropriate name. They seem to be constantly pecking on wood, and they don’t really care what the wood is or where it is. There is usually a reason for it and once they start, you can’t […]

how do birds find feeders

How Do Birds Find Feeders?

Many people enjoy putting feeders out for the birds in their garden. It can be great fun watching birds such as hummingbirds feed and the food can be an important source of nutrition for the birds at times of the year when their natural food sources are scarce. If you […]

how to attract woodpeckers to your yard

How To Attract Woodpeckers To Your Yard

Woodpeckers are resident in the US all year round, so if you can attract them to your garden, you may be able to see them and their families for many years to come. Like all birds if you create a welcoming environment which offers the right food, water and shelter, […]

what do orioles sound like

What Does An Oriole Sound Like?

Baltimore Orioles stand out with their bright orange plumage and their beautiful bird song. They winter in the tropics and during this time you are not likely to hear them sing like you do during their summer migration. Where can you hear them? You’re most likely to see and hear […]