How to Attract Ravens [Clever Tips to Bring these Elusive Birds Close to Your Property]

how to attract ravens

Ravens are known for their intelligence and the wariness of humans and other animals, making them difficult to attract. But there are a few ways to attract them successfully.

This article will discuss clever ways to attract ravens close to your property. Read on to discover more!

Place Several Bird Feeders Around Your Yard

Placing several feeders in your yard is one of the successful techniques to attract ravens to your backyard.

You can start by placing a few feeders close together so that the ravens feel comfortable feeding in your yard. 

Additionally, put the feeders in an open area with no obstructions to make it easier for the ravens to spot and encourage them to come closer. 

When choosing feeders, select big ones with enough space to hold a good amount of food and can easily be opened and refilled. 

Place the Feeders in the Right Spots

Another successful way to attract ravens to your property is by setting up bird feeders in the right spots

First, look for an area that provides plenty of natural bird cover. This will make the visiting ravens feel safe and secure when they come to your feeder. 

Also, look for a spot that gets direct sunlight for most of the day. This will help keep the seeds and nuts from becoming damp and spoiling.

When setting up your feeder, ensure it’s far enough from bird-friendly trees or bushes that can attract other birds. This will help ensure there’s no competition for food among birds. 

Also, ensure the feeder is at least five feet off the ground. This will make it easier for the ravens to access the food and protect it from predators like cats.

Squirrels and ravens are natural enemies, so keep these little mammals away when setting up your bird feeders. 

They’re known to raid bird feeders and even frighten away the birds you want to attract. 

To keep squirrels away, you should use a squirrel-proof feeder that can be purchased from most garden centers or online. 

squirrel proof feeder

You can also clear nearby trees and bushes to ensure the area around the feeder isn’t squirrel-friendly. 

Fill the Feeders with the Right Food

Generally, ravens and crows are attracted to food sources, so having bird feeders filled with high-quality food is a great way to draw them in.

You’ll need to ensure that the feeders are regularly cleaned and filled with the right type of food. Ravens love peanuts, corn, sunflower seeds, and cracked corn.

To ensure the birds stay healthy and happy, keep their food fresh and clean. Empty old food and fill it with fresh feed. 

Keep an eye out for signs of spoilage or contamination, as these can put the birds at risk of disease.

Set Up a Dish of Clean Water

Water is essential to any bird habitat, so offering a water dish is a great way to attract ravens. 

To make it more inviting, place some smooth stones or twigs in the dish so the birds have somewhere to perch.

Set Up a Dish of Clean Water

Additionally, adding fresh fruit pieces like berries, apples, and cherries to the water will encourage them even more.

During the freezing winter weather, break up ice on top of the water with a hammer to ensure there’s always enough liquid available. 

Bird baths are also an essential element in any raven-attracting garden. Baths provide water for the birds to drink, bathe, and cool off. 

You should install the bird baths in areas visible from the raven’s perch or roost.

When installing bird baths, it’s important to ensure they’re shallow enough for the birds to get in and out easily.  

Also, ensure the bird bath water is always clean and change it regularly.

Place a Decoy Raven

Setting up a decoy raven on your property is an easy and effective way to attract other ravens. 

You should place the decoy raven where it can be easily seen, such as in a tree or near the bird feeders.

Place the decoy at a height that mimics real birds so that other ravens won’t mistake it for a predator.

The decoy will help lure other ravens from the surrounding areas and create a more inviting atmosphere.

Provide Nesting Materials

Creating a nesting box for ravens gives them a perfect place to call home, which could be the ideal solution to attracting them to your property.

provide nesting materials

The box should be placed at least ten feet off the ground and in a sheltered area away from direct sunlight. 

When selecting the materials for the nesting box, choose durable and water-resistant materials such as cedar, pine, or cypress wood.

Also, add some padding inside the box, such as straw or moss, for added comfort.

Use Sound Recordings

Using raven call recordings can attract these majestic birds to your property.

Ravens are highly social animals, and they use various vocalizations to communicate. You can draw them closer to your property by playing recordings of their calls.

When using sound recordings, it is important to consider what type of calls the ravens are most likely to respond to. 

Generally, the most common raven call is the “classic gurgling croak” call, which is used by ravens when they’re looking for food or looking for a mate.

Avoid using the raven calls used as a territorial warning to signal danger or the one used when the ravens are trying to chase away intruders.

Once you’ve identified the right calls, you should set up your sound system to make it audible from a distance. 

Ravens are curious birds, so having a loud and clear sound source will draw their attention.

Additionally, it’s essential to set up the sound system in an area where ravens are likely to congregate, such as near water sources, feeders, nesting boxes, or trees.

Note: It may take a little time for ravens to get used to the new soundscape, but eventually, you can attract huge groups of ravens and enjoy their presence in your backyard.

Offer Live Prey

One of the most effective ways to attract ravens to your property is to offer live prey. Live prey includes small mammals, amphibians, insects, reptiles, and even fish. 

offer live prey

Ravens are omnivorous and will be happy to prey on various small animals on your property. 

Live prey can also be a bait to lure ravens to your bird feeders. You can purchase live mice from pet stores or online retailers. 

You can also use bird traps and bait to capture small animals for use as live prey. Avoid using dangerous prey like poisonous spiders that can be toxic to birds.

To encourage ravens to frequent your property more often, place the live prey near bird feeders, birdhouses, or other attractive areas. 

However, be aware that using live prey may attract other predators, such as cats and foxes, so use caution when placing bait.

When using live prey as an attractant, be mindful of the local laws in your area. Ensure what you’re doing is legal and you’re not causing any harm to the local wildlife population. 

Keep Your Pets Away

It’s essential to keep your predator or aggressive pets away from ravens if you want to attract them. 

Ravens naturally fear cats, dogs, and any other type of animal that could be a potential predator. 

Keeping your pets away from the areas where the ravens will be visiting will ensure that the birds remain safe and unafraid. 

It’s also important to note that even if your pet isn’t a predator, its presence can still be intimidating to the birds. 

Keeping your pets away from the area is crucial to ensure the visiting ravens feel safe and secure in your property. 

Also, use a few techniques to keep predatorial birds like hawks and eagles away, which can pose a danger to the visiting Ravens.

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