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why do birds fluff up their feathers

Why Do Birds Fluff Up Their Feathers?

Birds have many different personality traits that we as humans find both intriguing and sometimes perplexing. On that note, you might be wondering why birds fluff up their feathers. There are many reason why a bird would fluff up its feathers. It could be to keep warm on a cold […]

how do birds find worms

How Do Birds Find Worms? [The 3 Key Senses]

In your quest to learn all about the fascinating world of birds, you may be wondering how birds find worms? There are many bird species that like to eat worms to get the required protein in their diet. These include robins, thrushes, magpies and other omnivorous birds. Through much research, […]

why do birds sit on power lines

Why Do Birds Sit on Power Lines!?

As you drive around the countryside, you might see hundreds of birds sitting on power lines or telephone wires. Have you ever wondered why birds sit on power lines? Well, if you have, read on for some answers. Primarily, birds will sit on power lines because it gives them an […]