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crows mate for life

Do Crows Mate for Life? [Find Out the Truth]

Have you ever wondered if crows mate for life? As it turns out, there’s no easy way to determine this fact, but I’m here to help you discover the truth about crow relationships. Generally, it appears that crows mate for life. Crows are monogamous, meaning most mates don’t switch unless […]

birds eat ants

Do Birds Eat Ants [What Is Anting and Why Is It Done?]

There’s no doubt that birds display some peculiar behavior.  From birds like ostriches eating stones for digestion to tiny aggressive hummingbirds fighting off crows 10 times their size they constantly leave us in wonder. Another strange but common behavior from birds is eating ants, but it doesn’t stop there. Not […]

do flamingos migrate

Do Flamingos Migrate? [Everything You Need to Know]

Flamingos are one of the most iconic birds with long necks. Despite their fame and peculiar appearance, not everyone knows more about these birds, especially their migratory habits. Although flamingos are generally non-migratory birds, their colonies are not always permanent due to changes in climate and water levels in their […]

Do Ostriches Have Teeth

Do Ostriches Have Teeth and How Do They Eat?

Some of the oldest birds (think 150 million years ago) such as the Archaeopteryx had reptilian-like teeth, but is this true for modern-day birds such as an Ostrich? Ostriches, similar to all modern-day birds, don’t have teeth, but instead use their beaks to swallow their food whole, where it is […]