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Do Squirrels Eat Mealworms? [5 Tips To Stop Them!]

Mealworms are a highly nutritious food for many different species of birds. They’re high in protein and amino acids, so they are beneficial to many insect loving birds that come and visit your feeders. Therefore, many bird enthusiasts will happily purchase mealworms to put out for the various birds that […]

do birds get cold

Do Birds Get Cold? [Learn How They Cope With Winter]

Birds are warm-blooded animals just like humans. Generally, their bodies maintain a fairly constant temperature of around 105 degrees Fahrenheit. But, you might be wondering whether birds get cold. Just like humans, birds do feel the cold. This means that they have to use various methods to regulate their body […]

why do birds fluff up their feathers

Why Do Birds Fluff Up Their Feathers?

Birds have many different personality traits that we as humans find both intriguing and sometimes perplexing. On that note, you might be wondering why birds fluff up their feathers. There are many reason why a bird would fluff up its feathers. It could be to keep warm on a cold […]