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pigeons mate for life

Do Pigeons Mate For Life?

Yes, Pigeons mate for life. Humans tend to ascribe our behaviors to the animal kingdom, including that pigeon’s mate for life. It is described as romantic but does the pigeon have the same feelings as we do? While it is impossible to know precisely, many of their behaviors, such as […]

Birds with red beaks

10 Exquisite Birds With Red Beaks [ID & Pictures]

The color of a bird’s plumage is critical for various reasons such as attracting a mate, identification, protection against predators, and camouflage mechanism while hunting. Red is one of the most striking colors to find in birds’ feathers, but what about their beaks? Red is not a color that birds […]

birds with mohawks

13 Stunning Birds with Mohawks [A Sight to Behold]

Birds with Mohawks are some of the fascinating creatures on the planet, and many are surprisingly easy to find in nature. In the list below, you’ll explore 13 lovely birds with stunning mohawks and maybe discover some of nature’s most eye-catching creatures you’ve never heard of before! Birds with Mohawks […]

birds with long necks

11 Birds With Long Necks [Living Dinosaurs!]

Nothing reminds us that they are living dinosaurs like birds with long necks. They are much smaller than their prehistoric cousins, but that articulated neck is straight out of Jurassic Park. Evolution is a wondrous thing, with adaptations to environments leading to strange creatures. Most long-necked birds are also long-legged. […]

why do birds chirp in the morning

Why Do Birds Chirp In The Morning?

Did you get woken up this morning by a cacophony of bird song? As you slowly shake off the drowsiness of being awoken at such at an early hour, did you wonder why birds chirp in the early hours of the morning? In birding circles, this is referred to as […]

raven vs crow

Raven vs Crow: The Fascinating Differences!

Do you have difficulty distinguishing a raven from a crow? These two birds look so similar that it can be difficult to tell whether you’re looking at a raven or a crow. Even though these two species belong to the same family and share various similarities, there are differences that […]