Squirrel Buster Bird Feeder Review [Updated For 2022]

squirrel buster plus review

The Squirrel Buster family uses technology extensively tested in the garden and has proved to be 100% effective in the battle against squirrels. The large sized Squirrel Buster Plus is an extremely popular model for the larger garden with lots of visiting birds.

It can hold over 1.5kg of food. Please check the specifications for the Squirrel Buster Plus as this is a large feeder that will require a strong tree branch and plenty of space for siting.

The Squirrel Buster Range is a chew proof design, with a patented squirrel blocking shroud and a ventilation system, to keep the seeds fresh. Each feeder is tough, reliable and easy to refill and clean.

The weight activated control at the base of the feeder is set at the factory to support birds weighing up to 4oz/115g. The spring tension may vary depending on outside temperature.

You can locate this bird feeder anywhere and be squirrel free. Position it to get great close-up views of your favourite birds. Hang your Squirrel Buster Plus over a window, in a tree, on a deck, a fence, in your garden, on the side of your house, from a rain trough or over sliding doors.

Use brackets, extension hooks and tree hooks to hang your feeder at the recommended clearance. Hooks and brackets are available at bird enthusiast stores, garden centres and hardware supply stores.

Remember, it’s a squirrel’s weight that triggers the closing mechanism. If a squirrel can reach over from a nearby foothold and avoid placing his weight on the feeder, he can access the birdseed.

To overcome this problem, allow for at least 18 in/47 cm of clearance around the feeder. This will force the squirrel to climb onto the feeder and trigger the closing mechanism.

The Squirrel Buster Plus components are designed to be assembled and dismantled easily by hand, without any tools making it super easy to refill and clean.

squirrel buster plus

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Model No.



6.5” x 6.5” x 23.75”




Metal, Plastic, Resin

  • 100% squirrel proof
  • Adjust weight for selective feeding
  • 6 feeding ports
  • Lifetime care from Brome
  • Chew proof
  • Easy to install, easy to refill, and easy to clean
  • Seed ventilation system
  • Weighted mechanism stops larger birds from feeding
  • The feeder will not deter juvenile red squirrels
  • The feeder will not deter chipmunks

Chew Proof

All feeder parts exposed to squirrels are made for chew proof materials of RoxResinTM, a remarkable 100% chew proof, waterproof and UV stabilized material

Truly Squirrel Proof

Supported by an impressive list of patents, this feeder is recognised as one of the leaders in the squirrel proof category.

No Tools Required

Brome bird feeders are designed to be dismantled by hand into individual components without the use of tools to allow for easy cleaning and filling.

UV Stabilized Components

This feeder is 100% UV resistant keeping your feeders looking new from one year to the next.

Height Adjustable

The patented adjustable spring mechanism controls how much weight the metal mesh shroud will support, allowing the birds to feed. Any additional weight will activate the closing mechanism.

Seed Ventilation System

Transparent seed tubes trap solar energy and conventional seed tube designs block the escape of the heated air. The patented seed ventilation system permits humidity and hot air to escape

Getting Started

Here you will find some videos that show you just how to get started with your Squirrel Buster Plus. These videos will explain how to assemble the feeder and how to use the adjustment mechanism. These two videos are all you need to get started with your Squirrel Buster Plus.


Adjust Tension

Key Features

  • Lifetime Care: You only need to buy one Squirrel Buster Plus, as the manufacturer promises to keep your Squirrel Buster Plus serviced for life.
  • Free Cardinal Ring to attract beautiful Northern Cardinals.
  • Truly squirrel proof: the weight of an adult squirrel automatically closes the shroud denying access to seed.
  • Need for clearance: hang providing an 18-inch/47-cm CLEARANCE on all sides.
  • Chew proof: all feeder parts exposed to squirrels are made of a special chew-proof material RoxResin.
  • No tools required: Squirrel Buster Plus is designed to be dismantled by hand into individual components without the use of tools.
  • Seed ventilation system: The patented seed ventilation system keeps the seeds fresh longer attracting more wild Birds.
  • Weight adjustable: the ingenious adjustable spring mechanism allows you to control which size birds will feed on your squirrel Buster.


The Squirrel Buster Plus is one of, if not the best squirrel proof bird feeders on the market. It has tons of features that have earned it that title and it has the reviews on Amazon to back it up. It’s large, squirrel proof, and ultra-durable making it a great choice. It is, however, a little on the pricy side as far as bird feeders go but it does make up for that with long lasting durability.


Why are Squirrels a problem?

Squirrels are probably the number one pest that you’ll see at bird feeders. They are everywhere and always hungry. On top of that they are smart, acrobatic, and relentless when it comes to getting what they want. And what they want is your bird seed!

Some people do not mind feeding the squirrels, and maybe you don’t either. Just keep in mind feeding squirrels can get expensive as they will drain a bird feeder that isn’t squirrel proof quickly. Typical feeder birds won’t visit your feeders as often if there are large (to them) mammals sitting on their perches.

So, in short, squirrels:

  • Cost you extra money in bird seed
  • Can damage bird feeders trying to get to the seed
  • Cause less birds to visit your feeders

How is the Squirrel Buster Plus Squirrel Proof?

Over 4million people worldwide can confirm that the patented squirrel buster system is truly squirrel proof! Openings in the bottom section of the feeder align with seed ports, providing the birds access to the seed.

When a squirrel climbs onto the feeder, its weight automatically forces the shroud down closing the seed ports. Squirrels and large birds are foiled but not harmed as a result.

How do I use the closing mechanism?

Use the feeder with the factory setting before making any adjustments. A small red squirrel at 4oz/115g will trigger the closing mechanism at this setting.

To increase

  • rotate the transparent cartridge clockwise.
  • The red line will move down from the previous setting
  • This increases the weight required to close access to the seed.

To decrease

  • Turn the cartridge counter-clockwise
  • The red line will move up from the previous setting
  • This decreases the weight required to close access to the seed.

What are the other options to deter squirrels at feeders?

A squirrel proof bird feeder isn’t your only option to keep squirrels away. It may be the easiest and best option in many people’s opinion, but there are certainly other ways to deter squirrels from stealing all of your bird seed.

Squirrel proof the pole

If you already have some nice feeders that you want to continue using the you have some options. You can buy a baffle that will fit around most poles preventing not just squirrels but other pests from climbing up it. Or you can just get a pole that already includes a squirrel baffle.

Spice up their food with some pepper

Add some of this habanero pepper sauce from Cole’s to your bird seed or suet as a squirrel deterrent. Birds love it and squirrels can’t stand it. It’s a cheap, quick fix to a squirrel problem but probably not a good long-term solution.

Cayenne pepper is also a good solution.

Squirrel feeders

You can try offering the squirrels their food in a separate squirrel feeder. This is kind of tricky because squirrels have no idea they are supposed to eat out of a feeder. There is not much rhyme or reason as to which feeders’ birds or squirrels choose.

What you can do though, is make the squirrel feeder a bit easier to get food from. A simple platform squirrel feeder like this one could work.

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So, Is The Squirrel Buster Plus Worth It?

The Squirrel Buster Plus is a phenomenal squirrel proof bird feeder. It has many patented systems that not only allow for the elongation of the life of your feed but also keep those pesky squirrels out. It is quite a hefty item in terms of weight for a birdfeeder but given its size and versatility it makes for one of the very best squirrel proof bird feeders on the market.

Furthermore, even though it is priced in the slightly more expensive end for a feeder, the Squirrel Buster Plus also comes with a lifetime limited warranty against all manufacturer’s defects.

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