Best Trail Camera for Home Security & Birding! [Top 5 Reviewed]

best trail camera for home security

If you’re looking to capture those most welcome of bird visitors or deter those most unwanted of intruders to your property, trail cameras are perfect multifunctional devices to help you do both with ease.

Favored by many bird watchers for their ability to pick up those moments worth recording at the feeder, these cameras are also ideal for detecting any movement that could be considered threatening to your home environment.

Whether you want to select a home security deterrent or you’re looking to focus your recording attention to the bird feeding station, we’ve reviewed five of the best trail cameras for home security that you can utilize both in the home and when birding.

As well as offering our professional opinion on each model we’ve also attached a brief but informative buying guide to help you make the most of your purchase, answering any questions you may have about these dual solutions.

Best Trail Camera For Home Security: Our Top 5

1. The Campark Trail Camera

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Campark’s trail game camera is a waterproof camera which boasts three infrared sensors.

With a motion-activated night vision and 120° detecting range, this model claims to offer a 14MP clearer image all-round, therefore capturing the highest quality of details both day and night.

The three sensors immediately detect movement and thus trigger this camera in an instant without delay. This means you’ll never miss a moment of the action unfolding before you,

With a trigger distance of up to 65 feet, this has an excellent sensory vision. Best of all, when it comes to the night-time recording, quality remains clear as that during the day as it utilizes upgraded infrared LEDs and infrared technology to support night-time recording.

The Campark model has a wide-angle lens of 120° and is a sturdy and robust waterproof device. This means you can capture those broader views, even on rainy days.

This is the ideal model for capturing the comings and goings at the bird table, as well as functioning well as a home security monitor.

Customers of the Campark trail camera find this very well priced and a camera which offers some outstanding imagery and visions. The quality of movement captured at night is said by many to equal that of the daytime recordings, which is a huge bonus.

Enjoy the review below on the Campark T45 Trail Camera from Jungle Explorer.

2. The Victure Trail Game Camera

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Victure’s trail game camera is an upgraded waterproof model which boasts a low glow element, is motion-activated and offers clear night vision.

A high definition model, this gives full HD resolution throughout both day and night with an immediate sensor.

The results are crisp, clear, and vivid images and videos that offer you the essential and most realistic of details needed from your findings.

This quality is combined with a trigger sensitivity, which is incredibly quick. Action is recorded within 0.5 seconds and provides three consistent shots – assuring you’ll capture moving activity.

With invisible night-time scouting, this camera uses low-glow infrared LED advanced technology alongside its sensor to produce night-time recording – but without altering the subject.

Easy to use and an ideal choice for beginners, the LCD screen allows easy navigation and encourages you to customize the camera to your own requirements.

This is ideal for using to capture activity at the bird table or to use as home security surveillance.

One of the lower-priced models on this list for review, this is an excellent entry-level choice and a great introduction to the world of trail game cameras.

Customers of the Victure trail camera love being able to access fantastic video and photo resolutions, capturing all movement, and all for a great low price.

3. The Bushnell Trail Camera

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Bushnell’s trail game camera is a HD essential model which claims to be the most capable trail cameras on the current market!

One of the higher-priced models on the review list here, this certainly offers maximum features.

Trigger speed is activated in 0.3 of a second with a 100 detection and illumination range as a result.

This 16MP maximum image resolution model also offers users a text LCD display.

A hyper image recovery means this camera will take more images and therefore capture more information about your subjects. Additionally, the dynamic video elements allow you to record moving images in front of the camera, stopping immediately after they leave the frame. This, therefore, saves on the battery life.

With a date stamp to conveniently capture everything from time, date, temperature, GPS and even moon phases, this will provide the most visual, crisp, and clear images day and night.

What’s more, the night-time vision flash is enhanced by the use of a low glow LED, ensuring that whether you record activity as part of home surveillance of that of business at the bird feeder, you won’t miss one bit of the action.

Customers of the Bushnell trail camera find this the clearest and indeed fastest of trail cameras, offering the sharpest of images throughout the night-time as well.

4. The Meidase Trail Camera

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Meidase’s trail camera is a fantastic looking camouflage model offering both a color screen and unique keyboard as well as high performing recording elements.

Boasting the larger of apertures, wide-angle views, full glasses, in-depth image sensor optimization, and a high-resolution lens component, this instantly captures videos or still photos whenever motion is detected.

Utilizing a no glow infrared invisible flash illumination technology, it’s therefore ideal for capturing night-time activity, up to 20 feet in total darkness.

Combining a fast trigger speed alongside a long trigger distance, this has a 0.2 of a second trigger time alongside a 120° detection angle.

A sturdy reliable and waterproof design, this holds up well in every weather type, ensuring that your home and indeed your bird table are monitored through all the seasons.

A thoroughly easy to use model made better by a TV remote style keypad, and user-friendly design, this very low priced trail camera even has an LCD color built-in screen. Thus, you can playback, manage, and review what it has captured in an instance on the camera itself.

Customers of the Meidase trail camera offer some high rated reviews on the ability of it to capture the highest quality of videos and images. The cameras battery life is also highly rated, alongside quality night-time recording.

5. The Clobo Trail Camera

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Clobo’s trail camera is designed as a detecting range cam and is the perfect choice for both monitoring wildlife at your bird table and as your home security solution.

This is a high-resolution model which does not only take clear colorful images throughout the day – but also offers excellent night vision with black and white pictures taken at night-time as well.

With a faster trigger speed of 0.2 of a second and a trigger distance of 65 feet, this has a 120° detecting range and will not miss any action taking place in front of the camera.

A multifunctional camera, it has some exceptional features, including time and date displays, security codes, temperature settings, timers, and moon phases.

A most simple to operate model, the screen provides corresponded text and graphic description to help with managing it. It also comes complete with a remote control that has a three-meter trigger distance.

Customers of the Clobo trail camera love the sensitivity of this camera and find it one of the best multifunctional cameras available. The crystal clear sound and sharp images are also mentioned as its most significant selling points.

Buying Guide

Now we’ve shown you some of the best trail cameras for both home security and birding, you may have a good idea as to which camera would best suit your current needs.

However, before you part with your money, why not take a few minutes to read through our short but informative buying guide?

Here we offer a few tips and advice to ensure the trail camera you choose provides the ultimate in performance and works to your specific requirements.

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What to Consider When Purchasing Trail Cameras for Home Security and Birding

When choosing a trail camera, regardless of whether you intend to use it for home surveillance or bird watching at your feeders, there are a couple of features that we recommend you focus your attention on. These include:

Trigger Speed: A fast trigger speed ensures that your camera will instantly capture movement the second it appears in front of the camera. This means no delay. The best trail cameras work to record action within 0.3 of second.

Image Resolution: For those crisp and clear images that you can actually see and understand what it is in front of you, you need to ensure the image resolution is at its maximum here. The ideal figure here is around 16MP.

Detecting Range: This covers the area that you want to capture and ensures that should movement occur further away from your target, or at a different angle, your camera can cope with such requirements. Many trail cameras offer a 120° detection and ranges of 60 to 90-foot long trigger distances to deal with range demands.

Design Construction: It’s best practice to select a trail camera that is waterproof and can withstand some of the harsher of weather conditions. It’s highly likely your camera will be used when it’s raining, so make sure it’s a waterproof build at least and consider the sturdier and more durable of models.

Night Vision: Though this may not seem such an essential element for bird watching, it’s undoubtedly an important aspect of home security purposes. Many cameras tend to struggle with offering clear images during the darker hours. Thus, you need to ensure that your chosen model can work just as well at night as it can during those lighter of hours.

Battery Life: These cameras will more than likely be left out to run for many hours of the day and night. Therefore, be sure to select one that has an excellent average battery life and can capture many images during both the day and night, before needing to be recharged or replaced.

Photo Settings: Though most cameras offer exceptional recording abilities if you want to capture perfect images as well, such as rare birds, for example, ensure your trail camera provides a still photo process as well. 

Additional Features: The best additional features in a trail camera are those such as the date and time stamps, GPS coordinates, and temperature information. For home security purposes, times and dates are crucial features.


Are game cameras different from trail cameras?

You’ll no doubt see many trail cameras referred to as game trail cameras. But, there is no difference whatsoever, all apart from the name. Trails cameras are highly popular with those people who capture footage of game, hence why a number of these models use the reference in the product title.

Why do trail cameras offer infrared rather than flash?

It’s highly recommended your trail camera offers infrared not a flash action. Most trail cameras do solely for the fact that any flash will more than likely scare off your intended subject before capturing any decent images! Infrared works to capture without alerting, so it’s a more useful choice.

Do I need more than one trail camera?

Though it may be more of personal preference, some fans of the trail camera like to invest in more than one. Though this will maximize your chances, it’s only necessary if your chosen trail camera doesn’t offer an adequate degree of detection ranges. Furthermore, if you intend to use your trail camera for home security purposes, you may want to think about purchasing more than one camera if you need to cover a broader range of areas that one camera simply won’t be able to cope with.

Using Your Trail Camera for Bird Watching

Most trail cameras are available as camouflage designs. These are perfect for blending in with your immediate surroundings and can be easily attached to trees, bird tables, or near bushes, for example, allowing them to get up close and personal with birds and other wildlife.

Favored by many a wildlife lover, these cameras help you keep a lookout for signs of any animal activity in your garden or back yard, allowing you to move them around at your choice.

All birds and animals are wary and skittish by nature when it comes to entering a social domain, so a trail camera can act as a remote pair of eyes capturing them without disturbing them in their natural habitat.

Trail cameras will only start recording images when they detect something and can either record or take pictures, or both at your preference.

Best of all, though most bird watching is confined to daytime hours, you may be thoroughly surprised at what you capture in terms of wildlife visitors into your environment throughout the late hours of the night and very early hours of the morning!

Here’s a great video helping you setup your trail camera on a bird bath!

Using Your Trail Camera for Home Security

Many people like to select trail cameras to use as a home surveillance monitor device. This means outdoors or for some, even indoors as a means of adding peace of mind.

The best thing about such a camera is that they can double up as a home security device and provide you with essential video footage, still photos, and indeed some of the most precise audio to accompany intruder activity.

Even better, for those intruders that enter your vicinity during the night, the fantastic night vision on these camera types ensure you can still capture any incidents without having to compromise on images.

Once again, as with birds and wildlife trail cameras, you can set these cameras up wherever you feel to be the most vulnerable of areas in and around your home. They should ideally be placed out of sight and perhaps mounted and camouflaged, so their presence is not known by potential intruders.

Be sure to select those trail cameras that offer features such as stamp options. Therefore, if you do happen to capture something and need to use it as evidence, you will have the exact time and date of when the event took place.

Final Thoughts on the Best Trail Cameras

Without a doubt, trail cameras make a fantastic addition to any home and any bird feeding station. One of the best multipurpose models they are cheaper to buy than a complete security system yet offer high-quality images and videos to rival that of popular surveillance products.

Smaller in size, they require minimum effort to set up and can be moved around to suit your individual needs, ensuring you get the angle just right every time.

Whether you want to capture the many visitors that have chosen your bird feeding station, or you want to add an element of security to your home, these reviewed models here are some of the best trail cameras on the market that do the ultimate job of capturing and recording all activity with clarity in less than a second.


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