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why do blue jays mimic hawks
Blue Jays

Why Do Blue Jays Mimic Hawks?

If you have blue jays visiting your yard, you may have heard them mimicking the sounds that hawks make. In fact, blue jays have a wide repertoire of vocal sounds and are also excellent mimickers. But, why do blue jays mimic hawks? Of course, we can’t know for sure why […]

are blue jays corvids
Blue Jays

Are Blue Jays Corvids?

Blue jays are corvids, part of the passerine order. Characteristics of the corvidae family includes strong bills, little difference between the sexes and very high intelligence for birds. There are over 120 species of corvids and the US is home to a big chunk of them. Since most of these […]

what does a blue jay sound like
Blue Jays

What Does a Blue Jay Sound Like?

Did you know that blue jays are very vocal birds? You probably do if you have them visiting your garden. Blue jays actually have a wide vocal range and can even imitate other birds. So, what does a blue jay sound like? According to author, Donald Kroodsma, blue jay calls […]