Is Flex Seal Safe For Bird Baths?

is flex seal safe for bird baths

Yes, Flex Seal liquid is safe to repair your bird bath with, once it’s been fully cured that is. Flex Seal will usually dry to the touch in about 3 to 4 hours and will be fully cured in 24 hours.


How To Safely Seal Your Bird Bath

In order to seal your bird bath as safely and effectively as possible, you’ll need to follow our step-by-step instructions.

  1. Dry your bird bath and sand away any rough edges, rust or concrete that’s eroded on the inside. This will give you a nice smooth surface to apply the flex seal too.
  2. Put duct tape on the underside of the bird bath where any holes have appeared. You’ll need to put duct tape underneath long enough to hold the flex seal and stop any liquid from coming through the gap.
  3. Apply the flex seal thoroughly.
  4. Leave the bird bath for at least 24 hours, it should be dry to touch in 3 to 4 hours but before you finish the sanding, it needs to be fully cured.
  5. Once the flex seal has dried, sand both the inside and the outside once again for a clean finish.
  6. Enjoy your bird bath!

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What Is Flex Seal?

Flex seal is a thick, mastic rubberized coating that sprays out of a can as a liquid. This allows it to get into cracks and holes, which makes it perfect for repairing a bird bath as once fully cured, it’s watertight.

It’s basically a liquid rubber!

Known for it’s ability to perform well in a temperature range of over 60°F and under 150°F, it’s a useful tool to have should you need to repair your bird bath – you can rely on it.

How Long Does Flex Seal Last?

The duration of time flex seal lasts is completely down to the environment your bird bath is in. However, people have found that it will last for years without it cracking, peeling or more importantly losing any strength.

In our experience you can safely use flex seal to repair your bird bath and rely on it for years to come, it’s an incredibly cheap and easy option.

Can You Use Flex Seal On A Wet Surface?

Flex seal can be used on a wet surface if its an emergency, but we wouldn’t recommend it. Due to the way it’s created, it will always stick to a clean, dry surface a lot better.

To guarantee the best possible repair job, we’d recommend applying another coat of flex seal once the original coat is completely dry.

If you have anymore questions regarding Flex Seal, head on over to their website here – they’ve got a great FAQ section.

Need some guidance for using flex seal? Watch the YouTube video below for some extra tips.

Good luck and happy birding!

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