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best squirrel baffle

Every single birder knows just how irritating it can be to constantly struggle with rodents who are trying there very best to get to the food from the feeders. Even though a part of us still has some sympathy for small hungry animals, refilling the seeds every time your back is turned can be exhausting and a pain financially as well!

We’ve created this guide introduce you to the wonderful world of squirrel baffles! We’ll give you a few useful tips on what to look for when buying one, and try to answer some of the most common questions regarding the subject. In addition to this, you’ll get our top 5.


What is a Squirrel Baffle?

As the name itself implies, the purpose of this device is to deter squirrels from stealing the seeds from feeders. Even though it is called a squirrel baffle, it is actually used for multiple rodents, such as raccoons and similar.

Sometimes, even the roof a hanging feeder can serve as a baffle, by preventing small animals from jumping onto the feeder. They are normally placed on the pole of the feeder, at the height of which the rodents can’t jump. Birders have an unwritten rule when placing the feeder to an appropriate place, It’s “5-7-9”, this means you should install it 5 feet of the ground, 7 away from the perches and 9 below branches.

Types of Squirrel Baffle

There are a few different types of baffle and many different elements that need to be taken into account when choosing a baffle. You can select one based on shape, material, design, size and effectiveness.

The majority of these gadgets are either of painted metal or plastic. These two materials have proven to be effective as they are slippery. This makes it harder for a squirrel to stand on it.

There are 2 main designs, sloped discs or tapered cones. In addition to this, there are those that look like a rotating cylinder making the climbing surface unstable. Some of the models have a large round plate so that rodents cannot grab onto it.

Based on the way you install them, there are two types: pole mounting and hanging baffles. The ones you mount work fine if you place them at least 7 to 8’ away from any object a small mammal could climb up and jump over from, and 4’ from the ground. Those that you hang use the same measures as the mounting ones. The only difference is that you hang it on the feeder, not mount it onto the pole.

Interested to see a squirrel baffle in action!? Enjoy this video.

What to Look for when Buying a Squirrel Baffle

The device itself is pretty straight forward, without any particular issues regarding the usage and the installation. However, there are different models available, and those slight variations are sometimes crucial when making the decision which one is the most suitable for you.

Here are the aspects to pay attention to:

1. Pole Size

Not all the poles have the same diameter, which is why you need to know which product is suitable for which pole. Some of the most common models are either compatible with 1“ to 1 3/8 “ or with 15.75“ poles.

2. Mammal compatibility

We named it somewhat complicated, but what we mean is whether the baffle is suitable for squirrels only or it can be used for some other pests as well. This totally depends on which ones are actually the most common „thefts “you have problems with.

3. Material

Some of them are plastic and there are those made of coated steel. The greatest advantage of the first ones is that they blend in easily as they are mostly transparent. But due to that, birds may fly into them, which is why it’s advisable to mark it with a colorful sticker or so. On the other hand, the steel ones are definitely sturdier, as they can withstand various weather conditions.

4. Hang or mount

This depends on the type of feeder you have. There are no specific differences which one os more effective. What matters the most is that you follow the instructions and use the product correctly, because that way you get the most of it.

5. Prize

When you have two products of same specifications, equally good, the best way to make up your mind is based on the price. Do know that buying the most expensive one doesn’t necessarily mean top-quality. It goes the same for the opposite, the cheapest one is not always the worst one. Balance is the key.

Best Squirrel Baffles: Our Top 5 Recommendations

Woodlink NABAF18 Audubon Wrap Around Squirrel Baffle, 18-Inch

Manufacturer’s specs, features, and details

If you are looking for a reliable gadget powerful enough to defeat adamant rodents every time they attempt to attack the feeder, this could be the thing. Made of textured powder coated steel, this model comes with a secure black coupler, which is suitable for a 1“ to 1 3/8 “pole.

Good news is that you don’t have to deconstruct the feeder when you want to install this product.  You place it approximately 4’ to 5’ feet above the ground. You use the inward pressure on each side of the seam to snap it apart. The additional parts to hold the cover are tapped to the bottom.

Pros and highlights

  • Easy to put up with inward pressure snap
  • Works good with any 1/2-inch to 1-3/8-inch pole
  • Heavy and well-built

Cons and potential flaws

  • Racoons might outsmart it

AUDUBON NACLBAF16 Clear Squirrel Baffle, 16-Inch

Manufacturer’s specs, features, and details

Unlike the previous model, this one is made of clear plastic, which significantly decreases view obstruction. If you want to prevent birds from flying into it, you can apply a bit of colored duct tape.

Suitable for the same pole size as the previously described model (1“ to 1 3/8 “), you can either hang or pole mount it.  The good thing is that you can use this model as a weather shield as well.

Pros and highlights

  • Can serve as weather shield as well
  • 2 ways of installing – hang it or pole mount it
  • Clear plastic for better view

Cons and potential flaws

  • It can catch strong winds very easily

Audubon Torpedo Steel Squirrel Baffle Model NATORPEDO

 Manufacturer’s specs, features, and details

As the name itself implies, this 6-inch powder-coated steel baffle is shaped like a torpedo. Made of such a sturdy material, it will definitely withstand some heavier weather conditions.

This is a “slide on” model, and it also comes with a secure black coupler, which is suitable to common diameter poles, which is 1“ to 1 3/8 “.

Pros and highlights

  • Easy „slide on“ installatin
  • Powder coated steel for better resistance
  • Has squirrels confused so they leave quickly

Cons and potential flaws

  • Too thin for racoons

North States 2-Way Squirrel Baffle

Manufacturer’s specs, features, and details

Designed to protect bird feeders even from the most stubborn squirrels, this free-swinging model easily blends into any garden setting. Measuring 15.75“ in diameter,  shaped like an inverted bowl, this green baffle is suitable to fit 0.5“ to 1.25“ poles.

This plastic baffle comes with a baffle hanging adapter, an S hook, A pole mount flange with set screw, and the instruction manual. You can either hang or pole mount it, as you prefer.

Pros and highlights

  • Fits poles from 0.5″ to 1.25″ in diameter
  • Easy installation
  • Made of strong molden plastic

Cons and potential flaws

  • Unsealed top might let the rain in

Woodlink Post Mount Squirrel Baffle Model BAF3GR

Manufacturer’s specs, features, and details

Protecting the feeders against squirrels, raccoons and other bothering pests, this powder-coated steel baffle is weather-persistent. That means you won’t have to worry even if the conditions are heavier because this dark green baffle won’t wear off so fast.

This model doesn’t come with a pole, but you wrap it around an existing 4×4 post. In addition to this, you have to secure it with wood screws.

Pros and highlights

  • Made of steel
  • Coated with weather resistant powder
  • You can screw it to the pole for additional security

Cons and potential flaws

  • You need to take of the feeder to install it tightly

Frequently Asked Questions

Do the baffles disturb the birds?

Not at all. The most important is that you place them properly, making sure you don’t block the access to the food. They are designed to blend in well.

Is baffle installation complicated?

It’s easier than you can imagine. You either hang it or wrap it around the pole, and that’s pretty much everything. There are some models which you need to secure with screws, but even with that, it practically takes ten minutes altogether to have the job done.

How high do squirrels jump vertically?

It’s approximately four feet, which is why that’s an ideal height for the device to place it.

Can baffles hurt mammals?

Unless they are really determined to perform some dangerous acrobatics, they are completely safe. The only purpose of this device is to serve as an obstacle, not to harm tiny animals.

Should I hang the feeder with a baffle on a tree?

Absolutely not. That would be a “you’re just asking for it” situation. No baffle has magical powers which is why placing it on the right spot is of essential importance.

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Final Word

Now that you have all the necessary information on this very practical gadget, we hope that it will be easier for you to determine which is the most suitable model for you. You have some of the products listed along with answers to some of the most frequent questions.

Although, there’s one more small tip on making even more from this fantastic gadget. Using it in conjunction with an alternate food source for those hungry rodents is the best and the most functional solution. That way visits the bird feeder will be minimized.

Never use some aggressive measures such as poison, hunting, traps or letting the cats hunt them. After all, be they pests or not, furry visitors are an inevitable part of backyard wildlife just the same as any lovely birdie.

All in all, we hope that our brief research on best squirrel baffles gave you a useful insight on the subject. After taking all the aspects into consideration, getting the right one will be a piece of cake!

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