Best Binoculars for Kids: Our Top 5 Birdwatching Picks!

best binoculars for kids

Get the best binoculars for kids if you want to start birdwatching with the entire family. It is a great outdoors family activity that can turn into a true hobby.

Regular binoculars are little too clunky for children and the distance between the eyepieces are not always suitable for their small faces. Having their own binos makes the whole experience more exciting as you can spot birds at the same time.

Don’t know where to start looking for children’s birdwatching binoculars? These are our top 5 recommendations for the best binoculars for kids.

Best Binoculars for Kids: Our Top 5

1. Dreamingbox Compact & Shock Proof Binoculars for Kids

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We all know that kids tend to leave things lying around but that won’t be a problem with these Dreaminbox binoculars. They come in a wide range of super bright colors that you could spot anywhere.

Another reason why you won’t easily lose them is the non-slip design which prevents your kid from dropping it. It has a rubber protective layer with a patented grip designed specifically for children’s hands.

The eyepieces are also made to fit the smaller face of a child. They are adjustable though, so they will be able to use the same binoculars as they grow.

In case the binos do fall, don’t panic. Its shock proof design is made to withstand the occasional all to the ground.

Aside from how great it looks, these kids binoculars also give you a great view. The eyepieces have a green coated lens which brings out the colors of the birds better.

  • Adjustable eyepieces
  • Bright and clear view with green lens
  • Anti-shock and anti-slip casing
  • Too large for youngest kids
  • Minimum eyepiece distance could be smaller

2. Hontry Binoculars for Kids and Adults

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Not sure your kid needs their own binoculars? Then you might be happier with this Hontry model which is suitable for both adults and children.

Hontry created a clever compact and lightweight design so that kids can get a comfortable grip on them, as well. It is also great travel size for adults since it folds up so small that you could hold it in the palm of your hand.

The rugged rubber exterior prevents clammy hands from slipping off the binoculars. At the same time, this exterior acts as a protective casing to dampen the shock of falling on the ground or bumping into hard surfaces.

This set gives you 10x magnification which is good for a field of vision of 362 feet at a 1000 yards distance. Just think about how many birds you will be able to observe from this distance.

A fantastic final feature to note is the incredible light transmission through the glass lens. It has multiple coatings which creates sharper images and can even be used in low light conditions.

  • Versatile size
  • Shock resistant and anti-slip grip
  • Suitable for low light conditions
  • Good field of vision
  • Colors could be brighter
  • Less focus in low light conditions

3. Promora Extensive Binoculars Set for Kids

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If you want to have a true field day then consider buying this complete outdoor adventure set from Promora. It includes not only binoculars but also a magnifying glass and compass.

With this set, you can really get your child involved with all the wonders of nature. Besides using the binoculars for birdwatching, you can teach them how to determine their path with the compass and how to analyze plant details or insects with the magnifying glass.

The adventure set is a bright green color, sure to catch their attention. It comes complete with a neck strap so that they can never lose it.

The manufacturers included a rubber eye cups on each eyepiece to protect them from hurting themselves. The rubber is soft and pliable so that it won’t poke their eyes.

Your kids can adjust their view with the central focus wheel. The binoculars have a maximum magnificiation of 8x.

  • Affordable complete adventure set
  • Bright green color
  • Soft eye cups on binoculars
  • Limited magnification
  • Materials could be sturdier

4. Caferria High Resolution Binoculars

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Did you know that a low resolution view can hurt the eyes? It makes it more difficult for the eyes to focus causing fatigue.

Blurry vision won’t be a problem with these Caferria children’s binoculars. It features BAK 4 FMC prism green coated lenses which offer an amazing clear and bright view.

This set offers 8x magnification with a field of vision of 122 feet at a 1000 yards distance. The distance of the eyepieces and the focus is easily adjusted in a way that is intuitive to children.

The main material is a polycarbonate plastic with a rubber coating for extra protection. The binoculars are lightweight but still sturdy enough that a fall won’t ruin them.

This design is waterproof which means you don’t have to worry about your kids using them in the rain or the binos falling into a puddle of water. It is designed for a full day of fun out in nature.

  • Easily adjusted to face
  • Very clear vision
  • Waterproof and shockproof
  • Soft rubber around eyepieces
  • Feels flimsy

5. Ginmic Real Optics Compact Kids Binoculars

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There are many toy-like binoculars on the market but if you want to give your kids the real deal experience, choose these ginmic binoculars. It has all the safety features that you want for your children but does not compensate on the quality of vision.

This design offers 8x magnification with BAK-4 prism lenses for a super sharp view. Your kids will have a whopping 304 feet field of vision at a 1000 yards, far better than many other binoculars designed for kids.

The binoculars are both waterproof and shockproof so they can fully enjoy the freedoms of nature. It also comes with a wide neck strap so that they don’t have to constantly hold it in their hands.

Ginmic offers this design in 8 different colors, each one bright enough to impress your children. The binoculars are foldable which means that you can easily keep them in your bag or in your child’s backpack whenever you are going out.

If you are looking for a gift for a child that is not just another toy, get them these amazing binoculars. It is a gift that both the parents and children can have fun with.

  • Good quality design
  • Big field of vision
  • Waterproof and shockproof
  • No non-slip grip

Buying Guide: The Details

Many of the same features that you want on your own set of binoculars you also want for your child, plus a few extra safety precautions. These are the things to think about when choosing the best binoculars for kids.


It all starts with finding the right size. Naturally, binoculars for kids are smaller but how small should they really be?

Most designs will feature an age recommendation in their descriptions but it tends to be the very general 3 – 12 years old age range. What is more important is that the size is adjustable.

The distance between the eyepieces should be adjustable to better fit your child’s face. Go for the model with a wider adjustable range so that your child can still use it as they grow bigger.

Protection for the Eyes

Kids can be a little clumsy which is why you want to protect their eyes when using binoculars. Make sure the binos that you buy have a soft attachment around the eyepieces.

Most children’s binoculars have soft rubber surrounding the eyepieces. This should prevent them from poking themselves in the eye.

Good Grip

How good the grip is is perhaps the most difficult detail to determine when shopping online. After all, everybody’s hands are different.

Although it is more difficult to determine the actual size of the grip, you can tell if the material is non-slip. The better materials are rugged rubber with a lot texture.

On top of reducing the slipperiness of the binoculars, a good rubber exterior also acts as a protective casing. In other words, it won’t suffer too much damage if it falls on the ground.

Neck Strap

Asking your kid to continually hold the binoculars in their hands is just asking for it to get dropped. So, if you want to save yourself from rummaging through the tall grass in search of binoculars, make sure the package comes complete with a neck strap.

Magnification and Lens

Most children’s binoculars don’t have the precision of regular adult binoculars but that doesn’t mean they are all bad quality. If you want to share the wonders of birdwatching, choose a model with at least 8x magnification.

Another recommended feature is the BAK-4 prism green coated lens. This is the best lens for clarity and observing bright colors.

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