Author: Torrie Reed

are there blue cardinals

Are There Blue Cardinals?

The more years I spend birdwatching and researching this hobby of mine, the more I realize how hard it can be to accurately identify birds in the wild. The above question is one that is asked a lot in forums, on sites and in birdwatching and wildlife magazines. Perhaps you […]

when do cardinals lay eggs

When Do Cardinals Lay Eggs?

Most birdwatchers young and old are familiar with the northern cardinal. It’s likely that you know what they look like and even what they sound like. You may even know that they are the one species of bird that is the state bird for more states in America than any […]

why are cardinals red

Why Are Cardinals Red?

Who doesn’t love northern cardinals? It’s a good thing that they are so popular because they are very common across the south and east of our country and are incredibly easy to identify and observe in the wild. Have you ever been sitting watching your cardinal bird feeder and wondered, […]

are there yellow cardinals

Are There Yellow Cardinals?

When reading the question posed above, any self-respecting birdwatcher may suggest that we were obviously having a silly moment when we came up with the title. Northern Cardinals are red, you are probably shouting at your computer screens. The only real Yellow Cardinal is not native to North America, so […]

do cardinal birds mate for life

Do Cardinal Birds Mate for Life?

It is likely that you are aware that many birds tend to mate for life. Sure, there are some that get involved in almost human-like things like cheating and divorce, but it is at a much lower rate than occurs in the human race. You probably could name a couple […]

when to feed orioles mealworms

When to Feed Orioles Mealworms?

Alongside an oriole’s preferred diet of sweet treats like nectar, these birds will also flock to feeders that offer mealworms. There are two times of the year that orioles can benefit greatly from the appearance of mealworms at their feeders.The first is during the early summer months. Mealworms offer an […]

how long does hummingbird nectar last

How Long Does Hummingbird Nectar Last?

Though nectar may be a hummingbird’s favorite food, it’s certainly a food choice that requires a lot more effort than that of standard bird seeds! Though all bird feeders should be monitored regularly, and fresh food and water supplied as often as possible – with nectar, the requirements are a […]

do hummingbirds eat bugs

Do Hummingbirds Eat Bugs? [13 Bugs On Their Menu!]

Avid birdwatchers will probably be familiar with the importance of feeding hummingbird plenty of their favorite food – that is, nectar! Yet, if you’ve managed to attract these most exquisite of feathered friends to your feeders, you may also be keen on offering something other than just nectar. The question […]