Author: James Morgan

what do hawks eat

What Do Hawks Eat? [Learn The Hawks Varied Diet]

Hawks are very skilled hunters with a varied carnivorous diet. Depending on the specific hawk species and habitat they will eat anything from small aerial insects to large rodents and amphibians. These raptors are opportunistic hunters which means that they will eat whatever is readily available. Thus, their diet changes […]

how to keep hawks away

How to Keep Hawks Away [5 Actionable Tips!]

Hawks are famous for being predatory birds and some may even attack small animals like chickens, ducks and even small dogs. Fortunately, there are ways to keep hawks away from your backyard without hurting these raptors. People living in hawk habitats may be concerned about these large birds attacking their […]

why do hawks screech

Why Do Hawks Screech? [4 Reasons Why]

Hawks screech as a form of communication but there are also several species that remain nearly silent. Every hawk species have their own distinct sound with different tones depending on what they are communicating, their sex and age. Read on to learn more about why hawks screech and other distinct […]

do hummingbirds pollinate

Do Hummingbirds Pollinate?

Hummingbirds play an important role in the pollination of many flowers. Many floral types have evolved to have specific characteristics to entrance hummingbirds to help floral reproduction. Hummingbirds are the ideal bird for pollination, because they feed so frequently. Like bees, they carry pollen from one plant to another and […]

do hummingbirds recognize humans

Do Hummingbirds Recognize Humans?

Hummingbirds are one of nature’s most beautiful creatures. A little known fact is that they’re not just beautiful and fast, but they also have incredible levels of memory for a bird. Hummingbirds, according to Science Mag, have such good recollection that they could give “the largest land mammal a run […]