Author: James Morgan

how do birds find worms

How Do Birds Find Worms? [The 3 Key Senses]

In your quest to learn all about the fascinating world of birds, you may be wondering how birds find worms? There are many bird species that like to eat worms to get the required protein in their diet. These include robins, thrushes, magpies and other omnivorous birds. Through much research, […]

why do birds sit on power lines

Why Do Birds Sit on Power Lines!?

As you drive around the countryside, you might see hundreds of birds sitting on power lines or telephone wires. Have you ever wondered why birds sit on power lines? Well, if you have, read on for some answers. Primarily, birds will sit on power lines because it gives them an […]

why do blue jays mimic hawks

Why Do Blue Jays Mimic Hawks?

If you have blue jays visiting your yard, you may have heard them mimicking the sounds that hawks make. In fact, blue jays have a wide repertoire of vocal sounds and are also excellent mimickers. But, why do blue jays mimic hawks? Of course, we can’t know for sure why […]

what do blue jays eat

What Do Blue Jays Eat? 8 Favorite Foods!

Blue jays are noisy birds that add a little entertainment to your backyard feeders. They’re fun to watch and handy to have around. But, what do blue jays eat? A blue jay’s diet consists mainly of nuts, seeds, acorns, small fruits, berries, suet and insects. As you can see, these […]

what does a blue jay sound like

What Does a Blue Jay Sound Like?

Did you know that blue jays are very vocal birds? You probably do if you have them visiting your garden. Blue jays actually have a wide vocal range and can even imitate other birds. So, what does a blue jay sound like? According to author, Donald Kroodsma, blue jay calls […]