Author: James Morgan

Do Ostriches Have Teeth

Do Ostriches Have Teeth and How Do They Eat?

Some of the oldest birds (think 150 million years ago) such as the Archaeopteryx had reptilian-like teeth, but is this true for modern-day birds such as an Ostrich? Ostriches, similar to all modern-day birds, don’t have teeth, but instead use their beaks to swallow their food whole, where it is […]

facts about blue jays

19 Fascinating Facts About Blue Jays

There are few things in life more beautiful than the sight of a Blue Jay in person. They’re like little jewels that take your breath away whenever you see them. Numerous amazing fun facts about Blue Jays make them one of the most exciting birds worldwide. Check out the following […]

Birds with red beaks

10 Exquisite Birds With Red Beaks [ID & Pictures]

The color of a bird’s plumage is critical for various reasons such as attracting a mate, identification, protection against predators, and camouflage mechanism while hunting. Red is one of the most striking colors to find in birds’ feathers, but what about their beaks? Red is not a color that birds […]